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"End of the World": Having completely succumbed to the infection, Superman flies back to Earth, striking the 432 Park Avenue skyscraper in New York City, completely demolishing it in the process. Meanwhile at the Fortress of Solitude, [[Victor Stone (DCeased)|Cyborg]

Quote1.png It is time for a new world. It is time for humanity to leave its birthplace... life has lost here. Quote2.png

DCeased #6 is an issue of the series DCeased (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2019. It was published on October 30, 2019.

Synopsis for "End of the World"

Having completely succumbed to the infection, Superman flies back to Earth, striking the 432 Park Avenue skyscraper in New York City, completely demolishing it in the process. Meanwhile at the Fortress of Solitude, Cyborg states to the group that if Superman has truly turned to be one of the Anti-Living, then they must evacuate Earth immediately. Lois, however, points out that Superman will easily destroy the arks if they attempt to leave. Wonder Woman concludes that they must take the fight to Superman, with Damian revealing that Batman left him with several contingencies to deal with members of the Justice League, including kryptonite for Superman. The schematics for Superman's contingency, however, permit the creation of a suppressing gas that would only slow him down. Wonder Woman rejects this use of it, stating that it won't be enough to stop him. She proposes instead to combine the kryptonite with the Sword of Athena, stating that she and her mother hypothesize that it was possible to merge kryptonite and magic, Superman's weaknesses, into a weapon for use against him. Wonder Woman then orders every other hero to begin the evacuation, sending one ark to retrieve the survivors at Themyscira and the other to the survivors at Gotham. Meanwhile, Cyborg and Green Lantern stay with Wonder Woman as she forges the kryptonite sword. Upon its completion, the three head out to confront Superman in New York City.

In the Gotham Jungle, Batman and Flash complete the evacuation, getting 6,004,709 survivors aboard. Before departing, Poison Ivy states she isn't leaving with them, refusing to abandon the Green. Harley Quinn states she is staying as well, refusing to abandon Poison Ivy and the two watch as the Gotham Ark departs. In Themyscira, Green Arrow, Wonder Girl, and other members of the League are assisting with the evacuation. It is interrupted by the approach of a chaotic tempest approaching from the sea, revealed to be the infected Aquaman riding the Kraken, accompanied by a horde of infected Atlanteans. Queen Mera orders for the evacuation to be move to high ground and requests for Queen Hippolyta to ready her warriors for the coming fight. To her shock, Green Arrow manages to kill Aquaman with a precision shot to the head as the Amazon warriors of Themyscira, led by Wonder Girl, Antiope and Philippus, clash with the Atlantean horde.

Thousands of miles away, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and Green Lantern locate Superman in New York, the latter having decimated the city and all life in it. Confirming with Cyborg that there were no life signatures left in the area, Green Lantern unleashes a powerful Canary Cry amplified by a megaphone construct at the fallen Man of Steel. Back in Themyscira, the Amazons continue to valiantly fight off the infected Atlanteans but take heavy losses, with Antiope and others falling to the horde. Securing the last of the survivors, Green Arrow urges for Mera to board the ship. Wonder Girl, does the same for Hippolyta, but she refuses, entrusting to her that she and Diana are the legacy of Themyscira now. With no way to safely extract them, Hippolyta and the remaining Amazons stay behind in order to secure the evacuation.

Meanwhile in New York, Green Lantern's attack stuns Superman, but he recovers quickly and charges through the sonic blast. Before he can breach her shield construct, Cyborg hits him with is arm blaster while Wonder Woman slices off Superman's arm with the kryptonite sword before impaling him with it. Undeterred, Superman delivers a fatal blow to Wonder Woman's abdomen, infecting her in the process. As Wonder Woman plummets to the ground, Superman flies off into space towards the arks. A dying Wonder Woman then urges for Green Lantern to stop Superman, giving her the kryptonite sword. Cyborg then informs Green Lantern that he's staying with Wonder Woman on Earth, having had no intentions to leave with the arks out of guilt of the pandemic starting with him in the first place.

On the arks, Jon uses his super vision to observe the League's fight with Superman and informs Damian that his father is coming for them now. Realizing that he's the only one left that could confront Superman, Jon ask for Damian to look after his mother before telling him he will be a great Batman. Jon blasts off from the ark, colliding with his father at high speed. The effort knocks out Jon and breaks his arm, whilst stunning Superman, buying the arks precious time as Green Lantern arrives to resume the battle. Unexpectedly, Guy Gardner and the entirety of the Green Lantern Corps arrives as well as reinforcements. Confused on their arrival, Ganthet reveals to Green Lantern that upon becoming aware of the Anti-Life pandemic on Earth, the Guardians decided to quarantine the sector. As the Green Lantern Corps prepares to confront Superman, the infected Kryptonian floats motionless in front of them before suddenly flying off in the opposite direction. The Corps pursues him, but Ganthet halts the pursuit as Superman dives into the heart of the Sun. Realizing, the Anti-Life equation intends to use Superman to drain the Sun, Ganthet informs Green Lantern that the solar system will gradually grow cold and all life will die and that not even their power rings have enough strength to reach into the core of the Sun to stop him. Resigning that the Sol System has been lost to the Anti-Living, Ganthet states that it is the best possible outcome. With neither the means to neutralize the virus directly nor wanting to risk further exposure, he states that once the system freezes, the virus will sleep. He nonetheless states that the Green Lantern Corps will monitor and observe the system, but that it was now time to take the Earth's survivors to a new home.

On Earth, a now infected Wonder Woman has been restrained by Cyborg with the Lasso of Truth. He proceeds to interrogate the Anti-Life Equation through the former Amazon princess on if there is a cure for the infected. Wonder Woman responds that there is indeed a cure and that it lies within him. She explains by being both man and machine, he is the solution to the crisis as it too is a binary construct. Horrified at the revelation that the pandemic was entirely curable and that all the deaths and sacrifices were ultimately unnecessary, Cyborg carelessly lets go of the of Lasso of Truth to try and inform the fleeing arks of this. Before he can act on it, however, a now freed Wonder Woman takes the opportunity to attack him, tearing his head off and tossing it and his body into a ravine, with the Anti-Life equation musing through her that life is fleeting, but that death is forever.

As the arks arrive at their new home, Earth 2, Lois, Jon, Damian and the rest of the survivors gaze upon their new homeworld, hopeful that the horrors they experienced on Earth are now behind them.

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