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DNA is an aspiring super-villain who currently attends Generation Outlaws, a school of villainy ran by Jason Todd A.K.A. Red Hood.


  • Unique Physiology: Red Hood called them a "genetimorphic sentient strand of DNA".
    • Metamorphosis: DNA's main ability is that of reshaping their genetic structure to obtain any physical ability they desire.
      • Elasticity: DNA can create tentacles capable of striking at distant foes.
      • Claws: DNA can replicate the limb of a bear to obtain its sharp claws.
    • Regeneration
    • Flight
    • Biokinesis: DNA can manipulate other people's genetic strucure.[1]
      • Healing: DNA can use their abilities to restore people affected by genetic mutations to their natural state.

  • DNA is a genderless biological being, but identifies as non-binary and uses they/them and we/us.[2]



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