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 DNAliens are genetic creations by Project Cadmus, made by splicing human DNA with that of other lifeforms.


They generally take the form of either slightly modified human clones, or new lifeforms.

New Lifeforms

New lifeform type DNAliens are mostly the creations of Dabney Donovan. Such creatures include unique individuals like Dubbilex, Gene-Gnome and Angry Charlie and creature types such as Donovan's monster men like Lupek, the dangerous Four-Armed Terrors, the mellow illuminati and the tiny vicious jugglars. Step-Ups like the Hairies are the most human like of this type of DNAlien.

Modified humans

Cadmus has revolutionized human cloning by discovering ways to splice together the DNA of different individuals with those of alien species and create a human looking clone with superpowers. When mixed with their process of artificial aging and memory transplanting that allows these new creations to be "born" with selected knowledge already in their minds and aged past infancy these individuals are usually ready to fight with their first breath. The DNAngels are an example of this technology in action.

Other Cadmus Clones

The clones of the Newsboy Legion are not considered DNAliens due to their unmodified genetic structure. While they were artificially aged and had memories implanted they are straight clones of the originals. Jim Harper II masquerades as this type of clone but is actually a modified human.

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  • Genetic Instability: Not all DNAliens suffer from this but it is fatal for most of them, and even distinguished members of the group like Superboy have nearly died of it. Dubbilex and Jim Harper II have proven more resilient due to aging at a slower pace rather than the quick aging most of Cadmus clones are subjected to prior to "birth".



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