"Calm Like a Bomb": Aboard The Carrier, Copycat's interrogation continues as the subject turns towards Threshold.

Quote1.png Did you bother to ask them what they want from their new gods? If you did, they would have answered the same as my guys did: Power. It's what everyone wants. Instead, you give them plumbing. Quote2.png

DV8: Gods and Monsters #4 is an issue of the series DV8: Gods and Monsters (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 2010. It was published on July 21, 2010.

Synopsis for "Calm Like a Bomb"

Aboard The Carrier, Copycat's interrogation continues as the subject turns towards Threshold.

3 weeks prior.

Threshold has been captured by one of the tribes and is being led back to their camp. He keeps telling them all that he'll kill them until finally they stop a challenge him to a fight. Threshold is given a staff and fights with one of the warriors who beats him. Angered, Threshold uses his powers to make the warrior's chest to explode. Threshold passes out afterward.

The next day, one of the warriors awaits Threshold as he wakes up. The warrior takes him to breakfast and then they begin warrior training him with him. Threshold is confused by all this, especially when he realizes the tribe is not holding him captive. But as time progresses he realizes the tribe does not fear him, no matter how many of them he kills or defeats. He literally loses his powers because of this. Soon, he realizes they are not training him to fight, they are training him to learn respect. After some time with them, he masters their combat and earns their respect.

Freestyle is working on her projects to help the locals. Threshold arrives with his army to burn it down. With his powers back, he destroys everything Freestyle helped build, arguing that this is not what the locals need. Freestyle and the natives retreat into the caves.

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