"The Beautiful People": Copycat is asked to talk about Sublime next.

Quote1 What good is having a god on your side if not to dispense some divine punishment? Quote2

DV8: Gods and Monsters #5 is an issue of the series DV8: Gods and Monsters (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2010. It was published on August 18, 2010.

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Synopsis for "The Beautiful People"

Copycat is asked to talk about Sublime next.

3 weeks ago.

Sublime is on the run from some men on horseback. As they surround her she sees Evo is among them. But as she calls out to him, the men shoot her with arrows. She changes the density of her skin to diamond and fends off the attack.

Sublime quickly takes control of the tribe and has Evo doing grunt work like shoveling horse manure. Evo is not worshiped like a god like the others. He's treated as more of a freakshow while Sublime allows it. Evo confronts Sublime about this one evening but she tells him he's free to leave whenever he wants. But ultimately she knows he has no where else to go.

Some of the tribe approach Sublime and tell her about the reports of other beings like her taking control of other tribes. They ask her to drive them from the land because it's causing a power shift. Sublime decides to take the tribe and attack the others.

Evo finally decides to call Sublime out for the way she's been treating him. They meet in the middle of the night and get into a fight. Sublime uses her powers to gain the upper hand but Evo gets an opening and is able to take her down. But Sublime shows that she's not alone as her tribe arrives and she orders them to kill Evo.


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