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DV8, also known as The Deviants, is a black ops post-human team. Initially independent, they were folded into International Operations later.


Rather than saving the world, they use their powers for other demoralizing reasons: to please themselves and indulge in any fancy that comes their way, uncaring about anybody else, just to forget that they are all just pawns to Ivana, expendable to her needs and desires. The members don't like each other, but are soon banding together for survival. This is what stands this book apart from most other superhero teams: they aren't heroes, they are not nice people, don't even like each other and can't even save themselves, let alone the world.

When Ivana Baiul became director of International Operations, DV8 become agents of I.O. as well, at this point some of the members start to develop a conscience about their actions, especially Frostbite.

World's End

Several DV8 members were listed amongst the inmates of the I.O. "cold storage" prison. A gang of superpowered criminals, working for Tao, had apparently seized control of this prison. One of the gang members, Trance, was ordered by Tao to hypnotize the superpowered inmates of the prison, programming them to serve Tao following the World's End.

Gods and Monsters

DV8 were mysteriously teleported to an alien planet inhabited with separate tribes of primitive human beings. Initially with Copycat being absent, who would later arrive on the planet, DV8 were separated and taken by each rival primitive tribe and were saw and worshiped as gods by the natives. As a result, each member of DV8 has taken to leading one of the warring tribes in the area and using their powers to rule them, thus leading their respective tribes to wipe out each other.

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