Abraxis was the absolute ruler of his home dimension and had grown bored.


When Waverider first acquired his time travel powers, he inadvertantly created an awareness of other dimensions in Abraxis as well the means for Abraxis to make subconcious contact with inhabitants of Earth. Abraxis identified twelve people who were "sullen, angry souls" and "petty, mean, vindictive spirits." He influenced them to convene in a valley in Wyoming where they each instinctively chanted a spell enabling Abraxis greater reach into the Earth's dimension. However, it wasn't enough that he could enter fully. So he asked the twelve to forfeit their souls to him, which they did. Abraxis merged their souls with a small portion of his power and returned them transforming the twelve into super-powered beings he called the "Daemen." He divided the twelve into four groups of three and sent them to different time periods where they helped build/guard giant bodies (called simulcra) that Abraxis could inhabit with a portion of his awareness. Once all four simulcra were inhabited, Abraxis could rule the dimension and the Daemen would rule alongside him. Though they were successful in both building and guarding the simulcra long enough for Abraxis to possess them, they were ultimately defeated when Abraxis himself was defeated in his home dimension by the Justice Society of America whom Waverider and the Spectre temporarily freed from their eternal Ragnarok battle (which they entered during the Last Days of the JSA). As a reward to the JSA for their assistance, Waverider returned the Daemen to the Ragnarok battle thereby freeing the JSA and condemning the Daemen to eternal fighting.

The members of the Daemen are/were:

  • Arquol, Running Death (Jane Sperling) – Little is known of Jane's life other than she was not popular with men. As Arquol, she could transform into a variety of mechanical vehicles.
  • Blaquokar, The Mind Spider (Harold Foreman) – Harold was a businessman who enjoyed "breaking" lesser men who often underestimated him due to his old age and crippled body. Blaquokar could create a mental net/web allowing him to control those he ensnared.
  • Calabri, The Hammer-Voice (Mercedes Ritter) – Mercedes was a "B-movie queen." Calabri had destructive sonic powers.
  • Dhaozan, Lightning Whip (Maggie Tolman) – All that is known of Maggie's pre-villain life is that she knew power in the business world. Dhaozan controled a powerful, energized whip.
  • Feth Sudol, The Rat Bastard (Mickey Palmiero) – Nothing is known of Mickey's life prior to becoming a Daemon. Feth Sudol could transform himself into multiple copies of the same animal including bats and wolves. It appeared that the smaller the size of the animal, the more copies of that animal he could create.
  • Gulgak (Zeke Munroe) – Little is known about Zeke other than he seems to have an American-southern accent. Gulgak could project a steady, powerful stream of fire/lava from his mouth.
  • Huromon, Groundbreaker (Bill Clemson) – Bill was a black man who was (or believes he was) the victim of repeated racism. Huromon had some control over the ground and was seen causing stones/boulders to hurl themselves from the ground.
  • Inztuk, Empty Eyes (Denny Caputo) – Denny was a blind man who served as a electoral voter. Denny believed he was replaced due to his blindness. Inztuk could fire energy beams from his eyes that could hurt and bind.
  • Kishtimaak (Kate Hurley) – Kate was a teacher. As Kishtimaak, she could create/project ice from her hands via "displacement of thermal units".
  • Piztok (Ana Konai) – Little is known about Ana other than she saw herself as "afraid, small, little." Piztok's powers were unclear. She could create and control a maze complete with deathtraps. Whether this was a physical manifestation or a mental creation is unclear.
  • Tzingaas, Whirling Razor (Tony Alcazando) – Tony worked for the CIA in his home country of Cuba. They fired him for being "too crazy." Tzingaas could spin at high velocity during which blades on his shoulders, arms and legs seemed to expand cutting anything they touched.
  • Zhazor (James Wictowicz) – James was an artist who specialized in clay. As Zhazor, he appeared to have the ability to create and hurl fiery weapons.


  • In the Last Days of the JSA Special, the JSA sacrificed themselves to eternally fight/die/be resurrected in order to save the universe. The Daemen were villains and had no compunction of sacrificing their entire universe to enslavement under Abraxis' rule. Why Waverider would transport them in the JSA's place and why they would choose/continue to choose to fight this never-ending battle to save a universe about which they do not seem to care is unclear.

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