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"Extra! Extra! Read all about the invasion!": ===Alien Armada Invades Earth===

Daily Planet Invasion Special #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 1988.

Synopsis for "Extra! Extra! Read all about the invasion!"

Alien Armada Invades Earth

By R.E. Greenberger

Nine separate alien races, calling themselves The Alliance, invade Earth for reasons not yet known. The invading alien ships swarmed Earth's orbit and make landfall on Australia, where they established their base of operations. Earth's military forces are severely outgunned by the more technologically advanced aliens, as demonstrated by the annihilation of multinational forces in the South Pacific. World leaders are reluctant to use nuclear weapons against the invaders in fear of causing permanent collateral damage to the planet and humanity, but are hoping on relying on the help of Earth's superheroes to ensure victory.

Superheroes from around the world are mobilized in a loosely coordinated effort on six fronts of the invasion: the Arctic Circle, the South Pacific, the Sino-Soviet border, Cuba, Australia, and Earth orbit. The battles are being run by a select group of officers and civilians that are headquartered in the Pentagon. Among them is USAF General Wade Eiling. Working closely with the Pentagon is the Justice League International.

White House Confident: Looks To "Super-Heroes"

By Alfonso McGeuhyua with Dan Raspler

During a brief press conference, an exhausted President Ronald Reagan reassures to the American public that U.S. military forces, coupled with the might of Earth's superheroes, will repulse the alien invaders. Reagan also reaffirm that a nuclear response will not happen. Furthermore, Reagan encouraged the American people to give their support to his successor. The President is also heard cursing at the ill-timing of the alien invasion during on the eve of Election Day.

In a marked change in official policy last year, the President gives his full support of America's metahuman operatives and super-heroes, and allowing to compensate for the ruled-out nuclear arms. White House spokesperson Xavier Xalle encouraged Americans to expect fast results from the superheroes. But when asked to respond to allegations that many of the heroes themselves are aliens, Xalle had not comment.

UN Reacts To Invasion

By Kevin Dooley

The Alliance declared their intentions for coming to Earth to the United Nations: surrender the planet's metahumans to The Alliance or suffer the consequences. In response, the UN General Assembly unanimously refused to follow the aliens' ultimatum and voted in overwhelming support of the world's superheroes. Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, the UN Secretary General, stated:

"...we will not willingly give up those champions of justice who have been essential part of our very hearts and lives for so many years. We rally behind our heroes. For if the heroes fall, Earth falls."

The UN is already mobilizing military forces to the battle fronts. While Earth's superheroes are gathering together in a joint effort under the leadership of Captain Atom, the public remains confuse on the sudden absence of Superman. Vernon Walters, the UN delegate from the U.S., is asked on Superman's whereabouts. Walters replies he is also ignorant of Superman's whereabouts and downplays the idea that Superman, being an alien, had sided with The Alliance.

De Cuéllar assure that once The Alliance are defeated, Earth's nations will return to their pre-invasion status quo and help other nations who have suffered the greatest from the conflict. In his closing remarks, De Cuéllar stated,

"It has never been more apparent than during this conflict, the horrors of war. And I pray that when it is over, we will have seen if for the mindless waste that it is. I pray that when this is over, we will have gained a true sense of brotherhood. That we all have a common bond. That we are all one."

Moscow Prepares For Evacuation

By Robert Loren Fleming and Kevin Dooley

The Russian government has initiated evacuation plans for the civilian population of Moscow in light of a Okaaran army, advancing south, which is reported to be within 100 miles of the capital. Although Soviet news agencies refused to confirm or deny reports that the plans have been put into effect, the evacuation remains an open option to the government. Other sources on the contrary state the plan has been implemented. Regardless, government spokespersons said that this is for the best so that Moscow can be surely be defended. The U.S. government affirms in their support of the Soviets, as the UN, NATO and Warsaw Pact have sent arms and men to meet the alien onslaught while aware that should Moscow fall, the entire Middle East would be next.

The Okaarans themselves are a warrior race and are the most adept to war among The Alliance. According to unconfirmed rumors, the Okaarans are using weapons not at the height of their technology in order to make the battle more challenging. Though it is speculated that it is another form of demoralization against their human enemies, for the Okaarans have not accomplished their conquest in Asia without aid. Their advance has been spearheaded by the Thanagarians, who have conducted bombing runs. Since the UN's refusal to surrender, the Okaarans' path of destruction has been devastating. In which they have overpowered Southeast Asia and conquered Japan within a span of three hours. China, backed by the Soviets, served to delay the advancing army.

The nuclear option has been discussed by Soviet officials, but President Mikhail Gorbachev states that he will never consider it, even if being use as a last resort. Oddly enough, the war-like Okaarans have gone out of their way to destroy nuclear power and weapon plants. The Okaarans viewed nuclear weapons in contempt, as their own planet was almost destroyed by something akin to a nuclear holocaust, but also spoiling any chance of a worthy challenge and leaving nothing to conquer.

The Soviet Union's heroes, such as the Rocket Red Brigade, Soyuz, and the People's Heroes, are primarily engaged in the Sino-Soviet front.

Melbourne Destroyed By Khunds

By Renee Witterstaetter

Reports from satellite pictures, as well as stray military reports, indicate a death toll for Australia as high as 75% to 80% as a result of invading alien forces. In less than 24 hours, the Khunds and Okaarans destroyed Australian and American armed forces. Australian superhero Tasmanian Devil had been maintaining contact with Earth's allied military forces from the Australian Justice League Embassy. However, communications from Australia came to a halt and the Tasmanian Devil is feared to have been captured or silenced by The Alliance.

Before the communication silence, the Tasmanian Devil indicated that the main thrust of the invasion force targeted Melbourne. The attack came swiftly and the city was utterly destroyed. Melbourne's survivors are either killed or rounded up by the Khunds. Before his final transmission was interrupted, Tasmanian Devil believed The Alliance chose Australia is because of the nation's lack of superheroes and allowing them to conquer the country with ease.

Doom Patrol Leader Dies in Arctic Conflict

By R.E. Greenberger

Arani Caulder, aka Celsius and leader of the current incarnation of the Doom Patrol, was killed in battle in the Arctic Circle. The Doom Patrol was aided in their battle by the Sea Devils and the armed forces of Atlantis. Arani was struck down in a battle against the Gil'Dishpan. Several dozen Atlantean soldiers were also killed, but the aliens' Arctic base was destroyed. This victory comes in the wake of similar reports around the world about superheroes and conventional fores making significant gains against the seemingly overwhelming invaders.

Arani's body was being flown to the Doom Patrol's base in Kansas City in preparation for a funeral. No one was available to speak for the Doom Patrol. Though rumors indicate that the team's original leader Niles Caulder has taken command once again.

Aquaman gives his condolences to Arani's sacrifice and plans to have a memorial service.

Scientists and UN peacekeeping forces are dispatched to study the Arctic battle zone to learn whatever possible about the Gil'Dishpan.

Past Also Plagued with Alien Invasions

By R.E. Greenberger

The people of Earth has been aware of alien life since the first appearance of Superman. According to the works from the Institute for Paranormal Studies in Petaluma, California, a staggering number of aliens exist on Earth today. Some are well known such as the Martian J'onn J'onzz, Thanagarians Hawkman and Hawkwoman and Green Lanterns Katma Tui and Arisia. However, these visitors are independent immigrants rather than as a marshaled forces, and have posed no serious threat to the planet other than serving as Earth's protectors.

In the wake of the invasion, people have recalled previous alien attempts to take over Earth. Many of which were repelled by Earth's superheroes.

Pacific Theatre Explodes With Surging Tide

By Robert Loren Fleming

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In the Pacific Theatre, UN forces fought desperately to hold back the alien tide surging across the islands made famous in the World War II. The Alliance had spent securing their holds on the islands of Guam, Truk, and Ponape, which were taken back through heavyfighting. The aliens then launched a massive assault on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands in an eerie reenactment of the Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign ov WWII. Should Kwajalein fall, then The Alliance will strike Hawaii and making a possible attack on California.

The main alien force in the Pacific campaign are the barbarous Khunds; whose cruelty and atrocities committed against human prisoners of war and natives of the captured islands are, according to a Congressional committee, "the greatest offense against humanity since Hitler's Final Solution." Supporting the Khunds are the Thanagarians.

Experts assess the Pacific conflict as one of the most crucial in the war.

Earth: Island Apart

By Robert Loren Fleming

Since the invasion, Earth remains isolated from any form of space traffic, as Alliance spaceships maintained stationary orbits around the moon, effectively blockading all incoming and outgoing space traffic. Warnings were issued to Earth vessels to remain on their launching pads or risk destruction. As a warning, a Russian orbiter was immediately destroyed in mid-flight by a laser beam. The burning vessel then crashed off the coast of Florida and all its crew were killed.

While a few human satellites were destroyed, The Alliance kept spy satellites intact for the purpose of demonstrating to Earth's nations in the most graphic possible way the utter futility of armed resistance against the invasion.

There are also raising questions on the functions of the satellites singled out for destruction. Both the American and Soviet governments refused to comment, stating reasons of national security, but there are speculations that those satellites were components in both countries' escalating defense initiatives and may have represented violations of treaties banning the testing and deployment of such devices.

Looting Riots Hits Metropolis

By Michael De Lepine

Martial law has been declare in Metropolis in order to stem the tide of looting and wanton violence in the wake of the invasion. Complicating the city's law enforcement is the absence of Metropolis' protector Superman, whose whereabouts left people wandering what he is doing about the invasion and its ramifications.

SWAT units, assisted by the National Guard, are exercising a "shoot to wound" order handed down by the Governor toward any civilian caught engaging in criminal mischief. Emergency paramedics and local firefighters are unable to respond to the vast numbers of emergencies and chaos occurring throughout Metropolis.

Luthor Hopes To House Homeless

By Renee Witterstaetter

While Metropolis did not suffer as badly as Melbourne and saw little loss of life, hundreds of families are left homeless. In a surprising move, Lex Luthor of Lexcorp is willing to help the homeless by establishing a construction fund that will help to rebuild the damages inflicted upon the city. Luthor is also considering setting up a separate fund for rebuilding businesses. However, the Daily Planet, which was already heavily damaged, will not be included in this fund at the "Planet's" request.

Guardian Arrows Take On The Sorrows Of The City

By Barbara Kesel

A group of young people, students, and workers have taken themselves to safeguard the streets of Metropolis. They are called the Guardian Arrows. The Arrows have been laboring to keep the city's trouble spots from spreading and working side-by-side with overstretched law enforcement, who were originally opposed to the vigilante group and had planned to outlaw them a month ago.

So far, the Guardian Arrows have proven themselves in helping to bring in criminals who are exploiting the chaos caused by the alien invasion, and escorting citizens to safer areas.

Gangbusting Out All Over

By John Mahoney

Metropolis police are stump by the resurgence of a vigilante donning the Gangbuster identity. The original Gangbuster, Jose Delgado, has long since recovering from his near fatal battle with the Combattor and is cleared as a suspect by the police. Delgado himself is deeply concern of this new Gangbuster.

Local citizens are appreciative of having the Gangbuster in their midst, as they felt safer having the vigilante patrolling their neighborhood. Even local civilian groups are setting up insurance funds for the "hero" in case anything like what happen to Delgado were to happen to the new Gangbuster.

In another bizarre development, Gangbuster was recently spotted in operation outside of Metropolis, namely at the United Nations building in New York City. How such an alleged now-superpowered vigilante traveled at great distances between Metropolis and New York have only produced more unanswered questions.

Though Gangbuster has yet to mortally wound his victims, he is still wanted for questioning in numerous cases of assault and battery, harassment, reckless endangerment, and carrying a weapon with the intent to inflict bodily harm.

Invasion: The True Threat

By Perry White

Perry White writes that while the Alien Alliance is undoubtedly a serious threat, but the real threat is humanity itself. Specifically, humanity's real power to decide the outcome of the war. When the Alliance proposed their threat to Earth by giving the planet's superheroes to the invaders in exchange for leaving Earth alone, they are playing on humanity's fears and causing them to question their faith on Earth's strongest defenders. Even the Eagle, a usually responsible newspaper, raised the issue of whether internment camps for known extraterrestrials, be they super-villains or superheroes, might not be a viable option given the threat of the Alliance.

White strongly dismisses the notion of turning down Earth's heroes, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, and urging that the people of Earth must stand behind them to survive the invasion. Now it is the Planet's job to combat any sense of "anti-hero" sentiment bred from fear that would indirectly make superheroes powerless.

Lexcorp Positioned For Profit

By Paul Levitz

Lex Luthor announced a major restructuring of his company Lexcorp that would enable it to support the war effort. In a prepared announcement, Luthor commented,

"It is vital that Lexcorp's commanding lead in technology be placed at the side of the government in this moment of crisis."

Lexcorp plans to make its high secret and advanced technology available for military use under a precedent-setting agreement with the U.S. government. All technology currently used by Lexcorp and protected as trade secrets, or in the early stages patent filing, will be granted immediate and extended patents. Unnamed spokespersons at the White House stated that the deal has been struck at the highest level with the consent of Congressional leaders, and "...sort of shoved down the throat of the Patent Office." This will be the first extended patent term legislation since World War II veterans were granted limited rights to extensions up until 1950.

Analyst Tom Pattison, who follow the firm for the brokerage house of Pattison, Cowen, Clark and Grant, cited,

"Luthor's canniness at striking a deal that is both patriotic and incredibly profitable. Lexcorp will gain access to prime government contracts in trade for making his technology available, but he will also get unprecedented patent protection."

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  • The Daily Planet's headline, "Earth to Invaders: DROP DEAD!", was a reference to the October 30, 1975 issue of the New York Daily News, whose headline reads, "FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD".

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