Sarge was a member of the I.O. division called the Numbskulls.

Dale Jacobs was a sergeant who was killed, but later resurrected by International Operations. He formed as part of the original line-up of the Numbskulls, and was sent with the rest of the team to assassinate a general in Bosnia for their first assignment.

The assignment went horribly wrong as something inside PFC Sutcliffe exploded, killing her and burning off all of Sarge's flesh.

Some time later, Sarge and the remaining members of the Numbskulls wished vengeance upon those who set them up. They started off with killing many members of I.O., and then they went after John Lynch. Lynch was not home at the time, but Gen 13 were, and the two groups fought. Overpowered, the Numbskulls blew up the building and fled.

Later, they located Kyle LeFavre and attacked, but found themselves face-to-face with Gen 13, yet again. This time, Sarge was shattered into numerous pieces after being punched by Fairchild.

Sarge was reassembled, and was included on the new line-up of the Numbskulls.


Zombie Physiology



  • Sarge hates being referred to as Dale.



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