Quote1 Damian is his father's son, Ollie. So he'll find a way to bury it and keep going... but he just lost his dad. Quote2
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Damian Wayne was initially Robin, a sidekick to and the son of Batman, before he eventually himself succeeded to the mantle of Batman, shortly after his father's untimely passing.

He narrowly avoided infection with the Anti-Life Equation and was protected by Superman in Metropolis at the Daily Planet.[2] Later Superman and Black Canary left and brought The Flash and Kid Flash to the refuge.[3] The group of survivors at the Daily Planet suddenly fight an infected Giganta. She strikes what seems to be someone in the batplane, who turns out to be Alfred Pennyworth. Giganta was then killed by Cyborg, when he blows a hole through her head. Alfred later tells Robin that his father was sad that he couldn't see him become Batman, but he knew it was worthy of it someday. Quickly after, Hawkgirl falls from the sky and into Wonder Woman's arms, telling her that Captain Atom is going to blow. As soon as this is revealed, Superman and Wonder Woman take Captain Atom as far as they can away from the planet. However, Atom explodes, destroying Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Metropolis.[4] Fortunately, Green Lantern created a bubble saving the survivors. Later, the group plans to take down all of the internet, so that the infection can only spread from person. Now as Batman, Damian goes to Gotham City with Green Arrow and Green Lantern, where it is being ruled by Poison Ivy with Harley Quinn. Upon arriving, an infected Killer Croc goes to infect the trio, then being killed by Ivy. Batman then makes a deal with Ivy to have survivors to live in Gotham.[5]






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