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Quote1.png See? They all turn on you, brother! They don't trust father, they don't trust you, they never did! And now that you see... I'll tell you what I came here to tell you now, before you bleed out... See, the Dark Multiverse, it's not just a place where your worst fears live. It's also where your greatest hopes come to life. So here's the thing no one wants to tell you but I will. The Dark Knights. The Batman Who Laughs. Me? They call us father's greatest fears... but the opposite is true, brother. Quote2.png
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Dark Robin was the twisted sidekick of the Batman Who Laughs.

After the Joker went on his brutal killing spree across Gotham City, his father Bruce Wayne decided to kill him. Bruce, however, went insane and acquired the personality of the Joker, who had infected him with a modified Joker toxin before his death.

Batman killed all of his former sidekicks with the exception of Damian, who chose to join him by his side.[1] He later accompanied his father with his unnamed brothers to attack Prime Earth with the Dark Knights for the Bat-God Barbatos.

Two days after the disappearance of the Batman of Prime Earth and appearance of the Challengers Mountain in Gotham City, the Teen Titans arrived to investigate. Damian obliged his father in taking them and the Suicide Squad down with the help of his brothers before they got close to Barbatos.[2][3]

The rabid Damian, along with the infected members of both the groups, attacked the "Gotham Resistance" consisting of Nightwing, the Damian of Prime Earth, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and Green Arrow after they escaped from Poison Ivy's clutches. The Gotham Resistance was able to escape as Killer Croc stayed back to fight the rabid Damian.[1]

He would later fight Green Arrow, Damian Prime, and Nightwing alone in Bane's arena. As Oliver Queen tried to kill him with an Nth metal-tipped arrow, the rabid Damian shielded himself using Damian Prime. As he gloated to his Prime Earth counterpart about the Dark Multiverse being a place of great hope and how he will never be loved by Nightwing, he was stabbed through the chest with the arrow by Damian Prime who pushed it through his own pierced shoulder blade.[4]




  • He represents Damian's fear of reverting back into a killer, how much he has grown from an arrogant psychopathic brat to a team leader and friend, and his regret that he might not be good enough to receive the love and trust from his friends and family. [citation needed]



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