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Quote1 I expected something to happen for once. What this world needs is an old-school super-villain like my mom or my gran'dad to liven it up. Quote2
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The son of Batman and Talia Al Ghul, Damian Wayne inherited both his father's role and, thanks to the efforts of his father and his allies, a utopian world.

In the absence of any real crime or misfortune in the wake of the global security brought about by the Superman Robots, Damian spent most of his time hanging out with his best friend Chris Kent, aka Superman, or with his girlfriend Alexis Luthor (much to Chris's chagrin, as her father killed his). In the wake of his colleague Megamorpho's suicide, Damian's investigations into her death, with Chris's help, would uncover the role of the mysterious Ultra Comics in her passing and its potential threat to the world. However, before they could act on this knowledge, Alexis Luthor commandeered the Superman Robots and launched an attack on the heroes, in response to Chris having had her barred from an exclusive party. He later made it to the House of Heroes, having apparently joined in the battle to save the Multiverse from The Gentry.


  • This version of Damian Wayne is noticeably similar in appearance to the Damian Wayne of "Batman in Bethlehem", an adult version of the character also by creator Grant Morrison. However, they are radically different versions of the character in far different worlds.



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