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Quote1.png Our world is endangered. Overfed, uncaring humans have taken us to the brink. The Eye took their mess and made it worse. Now, the invaders are no longer a factor. In their wake, we have a magnificent opportunity. One we will exploit... We now have the means to purge the septic system humanity has created, to re-shape the world as we see fit. No matter the cost. Quote2.png
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Damian Wayne is the son of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul and a former Robin. He is the grandson and successor of Ra's al Ghul, the head of the League of Assassins.

At some point, Damian left the role of Robin to make it on his own and left for Europe. He returned to Gotham when his father decided to step down from his role as Batman after years of injuries finally took their toll on his body. It was at this time that Damian's grandfather Ra's al Ghul sent an army of assassins to attack Gotham, this time using the resources of technology to help with his plan. Damian chose to suit up as Batman and face the League. Bruce was against the idea of Damian using the suit as it's A.I. system could push the mind beyond its rational limit. Damian ignored his father and wore the suit anyway.

After wiping out most of Ra's' army, Bruce was shocked by the violence Damian had unleashed and almost didn't recognize his own son. Bruce then lost contact with Damian and when he went to the scene of his last known location, all he found was the suit's remains in tatters. Bruce believed Ra's had engineered the whole event, knowing the suit would push Damian beyond his boundaries and bring him back into the League of assassins. However Damian had decided himself that Batman's vision was too narrow while his grandfather was correct.[1]

Sometime later, Damian succeeded his grandfather to become the next Ra's al Ghul and leader of the League of Assassins. He sent a squad of assassins to track down and kill former League member Curaré, who was in Gotham trying to contact Batman. Still, she was successful in her mission of revealing to the Dark Knight that Ra's al Ghul came back, without knowing that Damian was behind the mask. In truth, Curaré was manipulated into contacting Batman purposely by Damian, who wanted to face the man that succeeded his father, as he thought he was just a pretender [2]

When Terry reached the Himalayas, the two fought with Damian telling Terry he was not worthy of the title of Batman, also informing him that Bruce was coming to help him: when Damian's father arrived, he was ready to deliver the killing blow to the new Batman.[3]

Damian though decided against killing Terry, as he was deemed too inferior, and his death would bring no honor. He then confronted his father, without realizing that the X-7 suit Terry donned made him regain consciousness. Then, Damian reveals he was just waiting for the suit to take full control, giving him the justification to use his full power: he called his bat-dragon Goliath to finish the job and Batman was once again knocked unconscious.

Damian explains to Bruce that he was offended by the fact he stopped searching for him, telling him the Batman never stopped when he really wanted to find a man. He then tells about how he was convinced to join his grandfather cause: while fighting the League in Gotham, Damian realized that the vision of Bruce was too narrow, while Ra's al Ghul wanted to help not just a city, but the entire world. As Ra's got to his limits, without the possibility to utilize the Lazarus Pits once again, he decided to leave his mission to Damian, giving him the title of Demon's Head.

Ra's also knew what Brother Eye would become, and prepared the League to be a last line of defense for humanity if the resistance fell. Then, the League organized a plan to take advantage of the opportunity a worldwide conflict gave them: the planet needed to be saved from humanity, and cancelling the weakest part of it would make Earth survive. They prepared missiles loaded with a DNA-targeting toxin able to detect and eliminate the weakest humans on the planet and now Damian is ready to release them.[4] Bruce is shocked to learn what his son wants to do, but once again Terry gets back on his feet and attacks Damian after apparently killing Goliath. The death of his friend sends Damian into blind rage, leading to a mistake that gives Terry a window of opportunity to kill him, as the suit suggests to do: its programming always pushes for success, and the success is Damian's death right now.

When Koru, Damian's right hand, tried to kill Bruce, Terry found the strength to overcome the suit's A.I. and let Damian go: he saved his father's life and then, also discovering that Bruce saved Goliath's life with a shot of adrenaline, Damian understood that the plans of the original Ra's al Ghul were wrong, renouncing to launch the missiles. But Koru found the strength to rise and push the button. Damian knocked him out, but it was too late. Still, an heroic action by Terry saves the day, and Damian saves Terry's life. After reconciliation with both his dad and Terry, Damian promised that one day he would come back to Gotham to find the solution both Bruce and Ra's always wanted to find, but right now he would stay the leader of the League, as he knew he could do much good in that position.[5]



  • Golden Bo staff
  • Golden League of Assassins leader armor
  • Lazarus Pit
  • X-7 Batsuit (Formerly)



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