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Damian "Ian" Wayne is the son of Batman.

Ian Wayne always wanted to become his father's sidekick. That desire pushed him to spy on his father and follow him on the field. An initiative which wasn't welcomed by his father, as he didn't want to have to worry about his son while working. He promised Ian to train him once he was older but until then, Ian should stop following him on the field.

If Ian indeed stopped following his father, it was only to become a solitary vigilante. His solitary activities were short, however, as he searched for a partner only a couple of weeks later. Jon Kent, a schoolmate of his in Wyndemere, was the person he chose. After helping, and setting up, Jon out a couple of times, Ian convinced him to become his partner.

Jon, Ian, Candace and Tilly, two friends of Jon who tagged along, started their investigation not long afterward to discover who was behind the spreading disease in Wyndemere. Despite a short-lived rift within the group when Jon learnt Ian set him up, the group successfully resolved the case and stopped Avryc and her gang from launching a second biochemical attack.[1]


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  • As he hates his forename, Batkid prefers being called Ian.



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