In Alfred Pennyworth's fictional story, Damian is the son of Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Selina Kyle (Catwoman). Trained from an early age Damian is destined to be the next least that's what his father wants. Damian and his parents visit the Batman Museum to celebrate its opening when Joker Jr. attacks. Bruce, wanting to give Damian a test, suggests his son take on the villain but Damian down right refuses to do so. This gives Joker Jr. the opening he needs so he injures Bruce. Just then Batman (Dick Grayson) enters and attempts to save the Waynes but Joker Jr. causes the foundation of the museum to crumble on top of them. Dick saves Damian and tries to go back for Bruce and Selina but the building collapses on top of them killing them in the process, causing a similar tragedy that seems to befall all potential Batmen and Robins. This eventually drives Damian to become Robin and he and Dick defeat Joker and Joker Jr. Long after this the cycle continues and eventually Damian becomes Batman and his own son is his Robin.


  • Despite being named after the actual Damian Wayne from the comics he is the exact opposite in terms of behavior.
  • He does not exist in the actual continuity of Batman: The Brave and the Bold. He is a character in a book Alfred writes, about a possible future for Batman.
  • Damian was voiced by Patrick Cavanaugh as a teenager and Diedrich Bader as an adult.



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