Damien Wayne is a vampire hunter known as Robin, and a half-vampire himself.

Damien Wayne was born to the vampire Talia al Ghul and the hero Bruce Wayne, who was also known as "Batman". Talia's father was the vampire Ra's al Ghul, who was the leader of the Guild of Assassins. Wanting to take power from her father, she manipulated Batman and secretly created a son she named "Damien". Though she intended to use him as a weapon against her father, Damien became attached to Batman's ideals after being allowed to train with him.[1]

Damien took the name "Robin" while living with Bruce, but his father was turned into a bloodthirsty vampire while hunting Dracula. This caused Damien to become deeply resentful of his own vampiric blood and he started exterminating vampires wherever he found them.[1] Over the years, he faced Brainiac, but failed to defeat him.[2] He also came to hate his father for the monster he had become.[3] Robin was later recruited as a champion by Harbinger, in order to help defend the Multiverse against Infinite Crisis.[4]

Battling the Two-Faced

After the Two-Face of Earth-17 killed Harbinger and stole the Eternal Key, Catwoman of Earth-19 decided to call Harbinger's other recruits as she viewed the newest one, the Batman of Earth-0, as unimpressive. These recruits included Robin; Wonder Woman of Earth-17; and Green Lantern of Earth-13.[4]

Robin blamed Batman for Harbinger's death and thinking him useless, decided to kill him. He was however stopped by Green Lantern, who apologized for his actions and stated his life in his universe had been difficult. Batman however was impressed by him and after convincing everyone they could trust his abilities, asked what plan the other heroes had. Robin suggested tracking him down, which Batman agreed with, and had Catwoman teleport them to Earth-48, which Two-Face had went to conquer. After arriving there however, they were soon hit by a strong gust. Batman soon realized the universe had been destroyed by Two-Face.[3]

Hal however saved all his allies by encasing them in a bubble made from his Magic Lantern, and transported them into the Bleed. The Monitor Nix Uotan arrived in time to save them, and asked Hal to take the heroes to Earth-17 in order to distract Two-Face, while he prepared weapons to take him down.[5] Upon waking up however, Robin and Catwoman criticized Hal for agreeing. Batman told the heroes to stop bickering and stated they'll be going after him, no matter what. Robin was surprised, but decided to go along. They were soon ambushed by the wastelanders called "Mutie Boys", led by Earth-17's Bane.[6]

Bane tried killing Catwoman when she tried to flee, causing Batman to intervene. Hal told the others to go help him, while he dealt with all the wastelanders alone. Robin assaulted Bane, but found himself overpowered as well. Wonder Woman intervened before Bane could kill any of the heroes and knocked him out. The effort exhausted his power, but Hal was able to knock all the wastelanders out. Batman later used a ruse to fool their enemies into thinking that they will be killed by Hal, if they didn't do as they said. Hal agreed to go along with his lie, while Bane and his Mutie Boys agreed to take them to Two-Face's hideout in the Wayne Manor.[7]

Two-Face told the heroes that a Batman and Robin lived in the Wayne Manor too, before revealing that someone else was supplying him with information to accomplish his goals. As he prepared to kill Robin first to make Batman suffer, Batman ordered the other heroes to attack. Two-Face however proved too much to handle. Lantern protected them for a while, but ultimately his power was exhausted. As Bane and his men tried taking advantage of this, Wonder Woman held them off while telling the others to take down Two-Face. Catwoman soon stole the Eternal Key from him and used its power to take him down. The Monitor soon arrived and took the key in his possession, before asking the heroes to continue fighting by his side and warning they'll face even greater odds.[8]

Fight for Nil

Robin later arrived with his allies on Earth-13, after its heroes: Zatanna, the Lord Zod and Supergirl; the Mecha Superman of Earth-44 and Justice League members from Earth-0: Zatanna, the Flash and Cyborg; had beaten back the mysterious foe who was assaulting the world.[9] The teams joined forces to plan against the crisis and everyone agreed to go after their enemy, but they were soon interrupted by the arrival of a mysterious man, who was the Lex Luthor of Earth-19.[10]

Lex tried to make the heroes believe the could trust him and asked Selina to vouch for him, but she stated that he was in actual a ruthless power-hungry industrialist. Though the others feared him, Robin didn't, since the Lex Luthor of his world had died quiet early on. Hal and Zod requested Batman to trust him, since he was an expert of technology. Batman agreed but asked the others to keep an eye on Lex. Hal then took them to the Vault of the Diurnal Sphere where they could plan. Upon seeing that all the Titans of Earth-13 had been released in other universes, Lex helped the heroes realize that their enemy was going to assault Nil, the Monitor's homeworld, and they rushed to get there in time.[11]

Lord Zod, Cyborg, Batman and Robin soon arrived on Nil to battle Metallos of Earth-43. After finding his team outmatched, Batman called in another team of heroes to their location. He also sent a third team away from the battle to conduct reconnaissance.[12] The Metallos soon withdrew after Mecha Superman went berserk due to hearing their name.[13] Batman and his team soon came to the rescue of Lex, Catwoman and Supergirl outside the Axis Tower, when they were being overpowered by the Metallos. Robin recognized the one leading their enemies was the Brainiac of his world. He and Catwoman were soon overpowered by the Metallos.[14]

Catwoman used Harbinger's orb to save herself and Robin. Batman decided to use the Monitor technology against Brainiac's forces, tasking others with holding the fort while he went into the Axis Tower, and also told Lex to come with him.[15] Robin successfully held off the Metallo with his allies, while Zatanna was taken by the Flash to insulate the Eternal Key and allow Nil's defense system to be reactivated. The heroes sought shelter and marveled at the path of destruction Nil's destruction carved among Brainiac's forces. The Monitor then sent the heroes back to their universes, in order to recruit new allies and keep an eye out for any threats.[2]

The Earth Engine

After Wonder Woman of Earth-17 discovered a strange device on her world, she sent out a call to Batman, Catwoman, Green Lantern and Robin for assistance.[16] Robin suggested interrogating Killer Croc, who had been guarding the device, himself. Batman agreed and after being intimidated, Croc stated that the device was called "Earth Engine" and a bespectacled man with a strange accent had told him to guard it.[17] Selina suspected Lex, since she had seen the designs in his plans. This caused Batman and the newly-recruited Superman of Earth-0 to go after him.[18]

After the Hawkgirl of Earth-19 helped Batman an Superman defeat Luthor, Catwoman convinced her to join them. Lex however was able to prove his innocence, showing that he was only building small-scaled suggestion devices capable of altering thoughts of people.[18] After all the heroes assembled in Lex's Metropolis headquarters on Earth-19, Batman split everyone up into teams, in order to find Earth Engines across the multiverse. He went with Robin and Hawkgirl to Earth-43. Upon using a Monitor orb to track the Earth Engine and found it in the House of Mystery. They were however soon assaulted by Dhampyre bats and Batman used ultrasound to make them flee. Robin warned them to stop it, but they were soon confronted by Batman of Earth-43.[19]

Hawkgirl was injured while fighting the vampiric Batman of Earth-43, and Batman of Earth-0 told Robin to look after her while he fought him alone. The vampire soon overpowered Batman, but Robin came to his rescue and fought his father. Hawkgirl utilized the distraction to knock out the vampire temporarily with her Nth Metal mace, but Robin revealed he couldn't be defeated by physical attacks. Batman then decided to escape back to Earth-19 with them, since they had already discovered an Earth Engine. The other heroes arrived back on Earth-19 too and guessed someone was trying to create a mind-controlled army to battle the Monitor. Upon going to the basement of Lex's headquarters, to see what he had learnt about the Earth Engine found there, Lex told them that it had been rigged to drive people mad and make them kill themselves if tampered with.[20]

The Monitor was summoned to Earth-19 by Wonder Woman and upon learning about the Earth Engine, decided to disable it despite Lex's warnings. This however created an energy wave which started overpowering everyone's mind. Hal tried to shield the Earth Engine to negate its effect, but struggled to contain its power. The Monitor however had suffered the greatest effect and was driven mad.[21] As the heroes struggled to subdue Uotan, Batman told Hal to surround the heroes in his force field instead, stating they had no choice even if it drove the world mad. Hal agreed and this method was more successful, but it didn't calm the Monitor. Batman then told Catwoman of Earth-19 to call every hero they knew, telling them to come to Earth-19 to assist them.[22]

Catwoman did as Batman asked and the other heroes soon showed up, with the magic users, Zatanna of Earth-0, Supergirl of Earth-13, and Zatanna of Earth-13 calming the Monitor down temporarily. Hal encased the new arrivals in his force field, upon being told by Batman. The Monitor then had Superman of Earth-0 and Mecha Superman throw the Earth Engine into the Bleed.[23] Upon noticing that Lex was missing, Batman had the heroes split up to search for him. Catwoman found Lex, but was soon ambushed by Vandal Savage, who was the one behind the Earth Engines. Robin came to her rescue, but Savage's skill proved too much for him. Soon, Batman intervened as well, but Savage proved more than a match, and used Lex's suggestion device to turn Catwoman and Robin hostile against his foe.[24]

Hawkgirl busted into Lex's headquarters and destroyed Savage's suggestion device. This freed Catwoman and Robin, who teamed up with Batman to take down Savage. Lex, who was now freed from Savage's mind-control, disabled the Earth Engines across the multiverse. The Monitor soon arrived to take Savage away and imprison him on Nil. The other heroes were sent back to their worlds.[25]

Infinite Crisis

As the most powerful wave of Infinite Crisis struck, realities were torn asunder and cast adrift into the Bleed. This resulted in Gotham of Earth-19 and Gotham of Earth-0, which were adrift in the Bleed, to be merged together. Robin joined other champions to fight back against the new threat endangering the multiverse.[1]




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