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Damper is one of the founding members and the unofficial leader of the Posse: a gang of people gifted with magical powers in hiding from the law, and notably from the crime lord La Dama.

Damper usually allows the whole group in on major decisions and his abilities have undoubtedly saved the gang from some tight situations. Although the Posse are a tight group, his relation with member Bonita turned into more then friendship in the 5 years of hiding and protecting gifted people from outside pressures.

Damper joined Probe in her pursuit of an extraordinary case that could be the Posse's newest member. Cloaked, they spied on the kid and discovered he was able to see through Damper's cloaking field. Although Probe was convinced the boy was one of them, Damper wanted to make sure and the 3 made contact.

Damper gave the boy the nickname "Scooter" and invited him to join the Posse if Probe could get a clear fix on his powers.

Scooter thought the Posse where just an ordinary gang and waved them off; blocking Probe from reading his mind. Something in the boy's mind lashed out to her strongly enough that she needed medical attention. Furious, Damper left the scene with her; threatening the boy that the Posse take care of their own.

Damper put together a team: not knowing it was the scarab fused to the boy's spine that put Probe in the hospital. The group tried to intimidate the boy into revealing what he had done but the scarab took over again; firing up a blue armor and defeating the whole gang as if it were nothing. After that, the boy went missing.

Less then 9 months later, Bonita gave birth to a healthy daughter that they named Alina. But the thugs of La Dama where hot on their tails; constructing a machine that could see beyond Damper's damping field. He was eventual surprised and attacked at the border while he was accompanied by his latest member Paco. Scooter returned out of the blue, fought the thugs, and flew away with Paco. Damper himself managed to escape in the confusion.


Damper's powers are magical in nature and little is known about them

  • Concealing: Damper can hide himself and others from sight, hearing and possibly smell within 20 feet radius.

Magical conjunction are able to see beyond the concealment.