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Dan Payne (b. August 4, 1972) portrayed Dollar Bill in the film Watchmen and Todd Rice/Obsidian on the series DC's Legends of Tomorrow.

Pictured: Dan Payne as Dollar Bill from the film Watchmen

Work History

Acting Credits

Smallville 2001-2011 Lexcorp Airport Security
     "Exodus" May 20, 2003 Lexcorp Airport Security
     "Phoenix" October 8, 2003 Lexcorp Airport Security
Watchmen March 6, 2009 Dollar Bill
Human Target 2010-2011 Foster Larouche
     "Corner Man" March 21, 2010 Foster Larouche
DC's Legends of Tomorrow 2016-2022 Obsidian
     "Out of Time" October 13, 2016 Obsidian[1]
     "The Justice Society of America" October 20, 2016 Obsidian
     "Compromised" November 10, 2016 Obsidian[2]
iZombie 2015-2019 Carlton Clerg
     "Blue Bloody" March 5, 2018 Carlton Clerg
The Flash 2014-2023 Shay Lamden
     "King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd" March 5, 2019 Shay Lamden

  1. Payne is not credited, though the character's appearance would have been filmed at the same time as the opening of the next episode.
  2. Payne, though uncredited, portrayed Obsidian in costume only. For scenes where the character is either unmasked or in normal clothes, Lance Henriksen was cast for the role.

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