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Dana Hanrahan is a homicide detective with the Gotham City Police Department.

She first came into contact with Batman when she was assigned to the Crimesmith case. She comforted Batman over death of Montgomery Marr, to no avail.[1]

She worked alongside Commissioner Gordon when the Joker reappeared in Gotham. She canceled a date so she could accompany Gordon to a dinner celebrating Curtis Base. When the Joker attacked, his henchmen took her hostage and threatened to use Joker Venom on her unless Gordon stood down. Hanrahan was shocked when Gordon and Batman realized that the Joker they'd met was an imposter.[2] She joined Gordon and Batman when they confronted the real Joker in his hiding place and shot him in the shoulder when he ran.[3]

Hanrahan was next assigned to the Electrocutioner case. She recognized that Haney wanted to become commissioner and was deliberately sabotaging the department while Gordon was in the hospital to make him look bad.[4]

She investigated Pesticyde alongside Batman.[5]

While investigating Abattoir, Hanrahan confessed to Batman that she had received a job offer and that she was considering moving due to the perverse crimes she had seen.[6]


  • Commissioner Gordon considered Dana Hanrahan a rising star in the department and thought that she might make captain one day.[2]



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