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Quote1.png I don't want anything. I promise. I just want you to know that I know. After what my brother did tonight... I want to help if I can. Any way you need me to. Even if it's just knowing your secret. Quote2.png
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Dana Tan is the fiancé of Terry McGinnis. She was a student at Hamilton Hill High School and later Gotham University.

10,000 Clowns

Dana's brother, Doug Tan, was sent to jail after a stint with the Jokerz. Years later, he was released and given medication to ground him. Doug; however, quickly neglected his health and rejoined his old gang, although he tried to hide this fact from his family.[2] He was confronted with these allegations by their father, but he attacked him and fractured his skull before leaving.[3] Horrified, Dana ran to Terry, hoping he and his boss, Bruce Wayne, would be able to find him.[4]

While visiting her father in the hospital, Doug, now calling himself Joker King, broke into his room. Joker King was about the kill their father, but Dana stood in his way. Luckily, Batman suddenly crashed through the window; however, he was defeated by Doug. While the Tans were able to escape, Dana was left stunned as Batman had called out her name.[5] Learning that Batman and Doug were in the in-constructed wing. she crossed police lines to find them. The moment she found them; however, Doug took her hostage. She was able to break free, only for him to pull her off a ledge. Luckily, Batman was able to catch Dana, while Doug got caught by some rope.[1]

Dana had always suspected Terry was Batman, finding there to be too many coincidences surrounding the two. She even pieced together that Bruce Wayne was the original Batman, as he not only fit the bill, but was one of the few capable of building Terry's Batsuit. She confronted the two and while Terry tried to deny it, Bruce immediately came clean. Dana promised that she wasn't planning to blackmail them; she just wanted to be there for Terry.[6]



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