Quote1 My mind was blank -- fury controlled me completely. All I could see was the man who murdered my father -- the man I'd waited two decades to find. My finger began to tighten on the trigger -- and then something happened to Dancer. Twenty years of suspicion, of anxiety, of waiting for the inevitable day when the tables would be turned -- had taken their toll on Dancer. My rage -- my resolve -- drained slowly out of me -- as I watched Dancer's face collapse into madness. Quote2
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Dancer is a hitman who worked for Amos Sharkey, a highly skilled killer displaying psychotic tendencies. He was responsible for the murder of Philip Chance, which led his son Christopher Chance into becoming the Human Target.[1] Twenty years later, Christopher Chance fought Dancer professionally for another of his clients put in life-threatening danger by the assassin. After beating him in physical combat, he revealed his identity, and the shock combined with the stress of his villainous life led Dancer to have a mental breakdown. Christopher waited with him until an ambulance came to take him to an institution.[2] Since then, it has been mentioned that he is a patient at Arkham Sanitorium.[3]



  • It is implied that Dancer's mental condition is a result of being physically abused as a child.[2]



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