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Dane is a student at the Roy Harper Titans Academy. He is the hybrid son of an unnamed demon.[3]

Dane was conceived more than 130 years ago when a desperate woman unable to have a child struck a deal with the Dark Lord, promising him her soul and that of her child in exchange for a perfect moment together.

Dane was supposed to destroy the world and serve his father for all eternity but his mother refused to keep her word and hid herself in St. Michael's mission in Arizona hoping that Dane's father would not find them, still, she ultimately found out that it wasn't so easy to get out of his reach as she died soon after giving birth to her son, spending just a perfect moment together.[4]



  • Flaming Sword[3]

  • Dane's father is known as the Dark Lord,[1] an epithet for the archangel Lucifer, but it has yet to be confirmed whether Lucifer is the said Dark Lord.
  • The codename Nevermore is a reference to the Edgar Allen Poe poem, The Raven, which reflects his similar origins to Rachel Roth/Raven.



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