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Danger Darrow, Hell Diver src
Danger Darrow was a U.S. Navy pilot during World War II.

In early 1941, Danger Darrow served in the Marine Flying Corps[1], transferring very shortly to the Naval Air Corps[2], as a pilot. His rank is not stated in any of the accounts of his exploits, nor is he ever called by any name other than "Danger".

He served aboard the USS Gettysburg, and flew a variety of carrier-based single-engine warplanes, starting with a single-seat scout-bomber biplane, and shortly later advancing to more modern dive-bomber types.

In his relatively short, pre-WWII career, Danger Darrow saw action:

  • in Central American waters, against freelance airplane pirates,[3]
  • in the North Atlantic, against the German Navy,[4]
  • in the Singapore Strait and occupied French Indo-China, against the Japanese military,[5]
  • around the great isle of Tahoa in the Far Eastern Pacific, against local rebels.[6]

Hell Diver's combat career began before the formal entry of the United States into the Second World War.



Douglas Dauntless dive bomber


Thompson-type submachinegun



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