Daniel was one of the children of Free Country who tried to expand their world to welcome all the children from Earth into Free Country. He has a long crush on fellow companion Marya, but never could said something to her.[1]

Before living on Free Country, Daniel was a child of the streets from London. He was one of many who worked for Reverend Slaggingham, and due to his abuse, he escaped to Free Country.

Years later of the failure of The Children's Crusade, he killed by accident a fellow child for making fun of his crush on Marya and was expelled from Free Country. He was sent back to London, where he found again Reverend Slaggingham, now a full cybernetic creature, who transformed Daniel and now was capable of creating and manipulate chimney ash. What Slaggingham truly did, though, was to manifest the dark soul of Daniel. The kid started stalking Marya, and thought that Tim Hunter was his boyfriend. Later he learned of his mistake, but too late. In his anger, he attacked the mage and Marya, and for this, the girl would never look at him again in the same way.[2]

Some time later, Daniel still stalked Marya, and for this Circe, a tattooist and witch, transformed him into a puppy, and was adopted by Marya.[3]



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