Daniel Balogun, formerly known as Steelback, was a member of the African superhero team The Kingdom.

The team was disbanded after a failed mission in Congo which led to the deaths of thousands of people. This led to Daniel retiring from his identity of Steelback and becoming a business man. However, he was tracked down by a serial killer named Massacre, who wanted to kill him in revenge for all the deaths in Congo. However, Batwing and Batman arrived and were able to prevent Massacre from doing so and defeated him. However, he was able to escape.

Daniel then told Batman and Batwing about what had happened that caused The Kingdom to disband and why Massacre was hunting them. The only two other members of Kingdom still alive were Staff and Razorwire, who were both overseas in Gotham City, as they had been the only 2 members to stay as active heroes after the Kingdom had disbanded. Once they arrived in Gotham, they realized that they were too late, and that Staff and Razorwire had already been killed by Massacre, who was assisted by the stolen Steelback Armor. Batman, Batwing, Nightwing and Robin fought them and managed to destroy the suit, revealing that it was actually remote controlled by Josiah Kone, an ally to the Kingdom and the mentor of Massacre.[1]





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