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Daniel Carter was a 21st century ancestor of Michael Carter, also known as Booster Gold.

As a high school senior, he was the MVP of the state champion Manchester High Spartans football team, capturing the all-time national rushing record. However, his leg was broken, dashing all hopes of a college scholarship.

Daniel grew up to become a mediocre insurance salesman living near Cincinnati. Constantly plagued by overdue bills, he longed to recapture the glory of his football days. He planned on trying out to be a part of Lex Luthor's Everyman Project.

He happened upon Skeets during Booster Gold's funeral. The robot identified their genealogical link, and offered him an opportunity to become a super-hero. After some resistance, Daniel agreed. However, when Skeets took the young man to Rip Hunter's lab, the robot trapped him inside, opening up a time vortex which sent him into a time loop, reliving his crowning moments in a 30-second loop for eternity. Luckily, Rip discovered Daniel and brought him aboard the Time Sphere occupied by himself and Booster in order to boost their numbers in a showdown against the Venusian mind-worm Mister Mind, and prevent the collapse of the newly spawned Multiverse.[1]

Immediately afterwards, Daniel returned home and did not leave his living room for over two months, taking advantage of the Supernova suit's resistance to the effects of the passage of time to increase his rankings on X-Box Live. He shows no interest in becoming a proper hero, but after Rip takes Booster away from their home, a mysterious figure appears, knocking Daniel out and stealing the Supernova costume. This figure is later revealed to be Booster's own father, attempting to use a similar gimmick to Booster's by traveling to the past and becoming the only superheroes, averting every major disaster and becoming Earth's greatest heroes. Luckily, this attempt is foiled by Booster and Rip Hunter, and the suit is returned to Daniel.

During Blackest Night, Daniel is forced to put on the suit once more to protect his future wife from Ted Kord, now a Black Lantern.


  • Time Resistant Suit: The suit is so advanced that it is able "to freeze time for his wearer". As long as the wearer keeps the suit on, he/she feels no need to eat or drink, able to exist indefinitely and without aging.
  • Size Changing Belt: The suit contains a copy of the white dwarf star size-changing belt used by the Atom.


  • Phantom Zone Projector: Supernova uses the Phantom Zone Projector built into his suit to teleport matter from one place to another through the Phantom Zone itself.


  • Daniel Carter's home address is 1834 Hoyle Street, Covington, Ohio 45318.
  • Daniel's suit was created by Rip Hunter using various advanced technologies in order to mimic superhuman abilities.



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