Quote1 'Cuz these dogs know their days are numbered. And you must pay the BLUE DEVIL his due! Quote2
Blue Devil src

Daniel is a descendant of the Cassidy family, who for years have kept humanity safe from dangerous artifacts by sucking the belief (Which powers magic) out of them. His grandfather, Liam, who had this legacy passed on to him by previous family members, cheapened the artifacts by making cheap and silly horror movies focusing on them, making people laugh at them instead of believing in them. Daniel eventually started wearing the Blue Devil suit to fight crime, which was later discovered to be the cut off skin of the demon Nebiros. Daniel's grandfather was later murdered by Tobias Whale's men. Angry, Daniel teamed up with the Black Lightning to stop Whale, who at the time was working with non other than Nebiros himself. After stoping the two, Daniel kept being the Blue Devil.






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