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Daniel "Dan" Cassidy was a Hollywood stunt performer and actor.

He was hired as a stunt double for the lead in a film adaptation of a comic book character called "Blue Devil". Dan knew that he could pull off the role, if the studio just saw him as more than just a stuntman. One night, he was approached by a mysterious stranger, who offered to make him a deal. Dan took it and found himself replacing the lead actor of the Blue Devil movie within minutes.[1]

However, he soon discovered that there had been serious consequences to the deal that he made. If he ever attempted to leave the town of Marais, his skin burst into flames.[2] He was trapped in the town. Over the next few years, Dan opened and ran a local video store, he also befriended local reporter, Liz Tremayne. One night, Dan attempted to help Liz against some thugs, sent by Avery Sunderland, and ended up in the hospital. After he was injected by something by Jason Woodrue, Dan recovered, and he began to expel blue fire. He sought out Dr. Woodrue, but was taken out and returned to the hospital, where he was placed in restraints.[1]

Dan as Blue Devil

Not long after, Dan was visited by the mysterious stranger, who had made a deal with him, and showed a vision of Liz and Abby Arcane being murdered. The stranger informed Dan that he was the only one who could stop it, and released Dan. After the stranger left, Dan transformed into an actual blue devil. He went to the factory, from the vision, and was able to prevent the deaths of Liz and Abby. Afterwards, Dan reverted to his human form.[3] The next day, Dan packed up his things, feeling like he had a bigger destiny going on. He drove out of town, now being able to leave it.[4]





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