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Dan Corrigan was a corrupt officer with the Gotham City Police Department.

A little over 10 years before the Zero Year, before Bruce Wayne's parents were murdered, Dan Corrigan, working as a detective, was assigned a new partner from Chicago - Jim Gordon. While patrolling the neighborhood, the two officers were sent to a movie theater to retrieve the 10-year-old Bruce Wayne for skipping school to see a film. While being escorted back to the station, Bruce witnessed Det. Corrigan give Gordon a new trench coat from a business they stopped at, later realizing that the coat was a bribe and causing Bruce to lose faith in the Gotham police.[1]

However, unbeknownst to Wayne, Gordon had not realized that the coat was a payoff and investigated into it further, finding out that Corrigan, as well as many other GCPD officers, participated in a dog fighting ring after-hours in the coat shop. When Gordon threatened to turn them in, Corrigan sicked the dogs on him, forcing Gordon to fight for his life as people placed bets on who would win. After Gordon was forced to kill the dogs, Corrigan collected his winnings from the other officers, having bet in favor of his partner.

Though Gordon prepared to shoot Corrigan in the back of the head, Corrigan proceeded to threaten Gordon's family, which he claimed to know everything about, forcing Gordon to back off and spend the next several years compliantly allowing the corruption to continue.[2]

During the Zero Year, Bruce Wayne was an adult and returned to Gotham after an extended departure around the same time the Batman arrived. Corrgian, still working with the police force, was assigned to turn the power back on in the city after the Riddler had shut it off. Against Jim's warning, Corrigan walked directly in a trap set by the Riddler that would further cause destruction in the city, practically handing all control of machinery in the city over to the madman. Corrigan was last seen attempting to evacuate the flooding, possibly fatal underground tunnels.[3]



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