Daniel Garrett was a friend of Batman who operated as Blue Beetle.

Daniel Garrett was a leading Egyptologist at the Gotham Museum of Natural History and possessed the Blue Beetle Scarab, but hasn't yet harnessed the true power of the artifact. As the Blue Beetle, Daniel helped Batman in solving the frequent attacks of a large bat-like creature (Man-Bat) that threatened Gotham City during the nights. After the two heroes encountered the Challengers from Beyond while they encountered Man-Bat, Daniel reported to the Challengers that Ray Palmer had visited him and had left days ago after mentioning "preparing for the worst". Blue Beetle and Batman then teamed up with the Challengers in stopping the Man-Bat. The next night, Daniel and the group searched the city and encountered a swarm of Man-Bats. The group fought the creatures, but the Man-Bats were soon discovered to be a part of Kyle Rayner (due to his Green Lantern ring) who had been bitten by a vampire ghoul in the previous reality (Earth-43) that the Challengers had visited, and the Man-Bats possessed him turning Kyle into a monstrous vampire-like creature. At the suggestion of Monitor Bob, Daniel used the magic power of his Scarab to cure Kyle by purging the vampiric essence from his ring, and reverting him back to normal. After solving the case of the Man-Bat, the Blue Beetle and Batman bid farewell to the Challengers. As the Challengers left, Daniel and Batman wondered about traveling the Multiverse, which Daniel suggested that he may one day soon discover.



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