Danny Khalifa is an Egyptian-American student whose bloodline was needed to aid the weakened Amentep. With Amentep in his stasis of mummification, Danny inherited the Ibistick, making him the new Ibis the Invincible.[1]

Danny was a normal high school student whose nickname, "Beaver," would be forgotten and replaced with "Osama" in the wake of the 9/11 attack. The slight seventeen year old was bullied by kids much younger than him. After yet another confrontation on the way home from school, Danny witnessed a floating fiery emblem speaking to him. At first he thought the had suffered brain damage from the beating, until he was transported through a solid wall to the chambers of Amentep who lay lifeless alongside Taia. The voice was the weakened spirit of Amentep speaking through the Ibistick, which he told Danny to claim. In Danny's hands, Amentep was able to work through his body to prepare Taia and himself for the "mummification" process that would preserve their bodies and souls. Their life energy was drained protecting the Helmet of Fate from the evil Set, and it was now up to Danny to ensure it did not fall into the dark God's hands.[1]

Researching Egyptian mythology at home, Danny was able to speak with Thoth, who made him the new master of the Ibistick and sent him to Set's domain with nothing but a cryptic phrase. Danny was out of his depth against the power of Set, the Ibistick was ineffectual, until he understood Thoth's wisdom and called to Horus for aid. As the rival Gods clashed, Danny took the Helmet of Fate back to Thoth before casting it away where evil couldn't reach it.[1]

Danny was used by Black Alice to enter Hell during the war.






Ibis the Invincible
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