Quote1.png Funny, isn't it? I came to warn you... an ironic twist on "killing the messenger," eh? Quote2.png
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Daniel Maris was an acolyte of the Order of St. Dumas. He was also a chairman of the luxury Babylon Towers apartments.

Maris was sent to Gotham City as a messenger when they released the Apocalypse Virus during Contagion. They did not tell him that he was also the carrier, and he had been infected with the virus. Maris tried to seal off Babylon from the plague, but trapped everyone inside with it. He also suggested they dismiss their servants for rationing, spreading the plague to the rest of Gotham.[1] When Maris began showing symptoms, he had enough strength to warn his friends. He told them to find Kendall Stuart, the only known survivor, then succumbed to the plague.[2] His body would've been cremated when Babylon Towers later burned to the ground.[3] It is later revealed that a disobedient acolyte sent Maris to his death, and this man is killed by Brother Zoo for his treachery.[4]



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