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Daniel "Danny" Tsang is Striker Z, a member of the Power Company originally hailing from Hong Kong.


Tsang was a stuntman for Fragrant Harbor Films in Hong Kong. During the filming of Unclean Policeman IV, director Dickson Kurata sneaked a crew into the basement laboratory of the Hong Kong branch of S.T.A.R. Labs. Tsang was distracted while performing a dangerous stunt over a vat of experimental fuel cell plasma. The mutagenic compound permeated his cells and altered his body chemistry, transforming him into a super strong human battery. His best friend was former S.T.A.R. Labs scientist Charlie Lau; Lau created his uniform and invented his Striker Plates and Flight Jacket.


On his first adventure he helped Superboy defeat the Golden Sorcerer, actually a transformed Dickson Kurata who had also bathed in the fuel cell plasma. The Golden Sorcerer's energy supply was much greater than Striker Z's and so he was able to manifest solid energy constructs. Superboy was finally able to defeat the Golden Sorcerer by attaching Striker Z's Omega Cannon to his body and using it to siphon off all his energy.

Doctor Impossible

He later appeared unconscious and lying on the floor of a S.T.A.R. Labs facility after it was attacked by Doctor Impossible and his partners. The Guardian later mentions to his fellow Justice League members that Danny's pelvis was broken during the battle.




  • Power Exhaustion: Danny generates a human "bio-energy" but his body can only produce and reproduce so much. If he expends his energy over time or through his Omega Cannon it will leave his drained and unable to move, let alone fight.


  • Symbiote Costume: Danny wears a special fiber mesh costume which helps conduct the energy. His visor contains digital audio/video recording hardware, as well as high and low spectrum visual capabilities. Danny carries a variety of devices powered by his bio-energy, including:
    • Dazzle Strobe: A blast of light that disorients enemies by blinding them with bursts of stroboscopic light.
    • Flight Jacket: A jack decked out with hundreds of tiny impeller jets, the jacket allows him to fly short distances.
    • Omega Cannon: A cannon that concentrates all his bio-energy in one directed blast, but its use leaves him helpless.
    • Photonic Shiv: A short blade made from coherent light.
    • Sonic Beamer: A gun-like object that broadcasts disorienting sound waves or concussive blasts of focused sound.
    • Striker Plates: Plates that can concentrate energy for concussive blows capable of punching through concrete or shattering steel or disabling jolts like an electroshock weapon.



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