Dan Turpin is a detective in the Metropolis Police Department.

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Dan Turpin is first seen helping detective John Jones catch a recently escaped convict. When Jones is shot, Turpin investigates with Clark Kent disguised as officer "Joe Fordman". With Clark's help, Turpin apprehends yet another escaped convict.

Later, Dan invites Clark to a barbecue where Clark meets Turpin's son and his wife Suzie. Talbert hatches a plan to take down Green Arrow with Dan pulling the trigger. Talbert sits on a nearby roof with his sniper rifle when Dan arrives with the thug who robbed the Pharmacy and start beating the crap out of him. The thug screams for help and Green Arrow arrives and saves that day. Dan get the drop on Green Arrow but hesitates to kill him, finally Ollie talks Dan out trying to kill, Talbert aims for Dan but Green Arrow pushes him out of the way and they take cover. Clark arrives and disarms Talbert but he pulls a gun from his back pocket and shoots Clark only for the Bullet to ricochet off Clark and hit his hand, injuring Talbert.




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