Daniel Vittorio was a career criminal who fought Doll Man and was injured and believed to be dead while escaping. An old retired locksmith rescued him and bandaged his wounded face. When Vittorio woke up the locksmith showed him a medieval torture device called the "Iron Mask," claiming it had taken him months to fashion a key that would work the lock. After the bandages were removed, Vittorio found his face hideously scarred. In a fit of rage he kills the old locksmith and locks himself into the Iron Mask vowing that nobody would ever see his face again.

Vittorio resumes control of his old gang as The Iron Mask, letting the world believe he is dead because of a murder he committed during his first crime. As the Iron Mask, he starts a crime wave. Later, he runs away yet again but Doll Man refuses to chase him saying he would be back. Vittorio does return and is knocked out by Doll Man who then explains to the police that the key to the lock was in his possession and the Iron Mask would have starved to death if he hadn't returned.

In a final news report, Doll Man finds out that Vittorio was identified by his fingerprints. The news report states that he was tried and convicted of murder and then executed.



  • Iron Mask



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