Quote1 He shot her right through her pretty blouse. I didn't feel bad about it. I didn't feel nothing. Just some girl on the floor. Like me, now. Quote2
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Danny "the Weasel" Weaver was a career criminal who operated in Gotham City. Early in his career, the Weasel worked as a henchman for the Joker, even though he had a moral code against killing.

The Weasel was one of the men the Joker brought along with him when he shot Barbara Gordon through the spin. Gordon had memorized his face as she lay bleeding out in her apartment.[1] The Weasel, though he claimed not have felt remorse, called the cops to alert them to Barbara's location afterwards without being able to explain why he did.

After spending a stint in prison for his crimes as a henchman, Weaver attempted to find honest work, but no body in Gotham would hire somebody with a criminal record.

Having to resort to crime again, the Weasel went to work for Grotesque before finding himself in conflict with Batgirl, who remembered his face from when she was attacked. Batgirl let the Weasel escape back to Grotesque, who then used him for bait to draw Batgirl back out. As the criminal leader and the vigilante fought, the Weasel betrayed Grotesque, firing a warning shot at his head, but was killed by a bolt of the villain's lightning in retaliation.[2]



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