Quote1 I see you're chaining me to the cookstove. What a perfect caveman idea! Quote2
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Dan White was engaged to Diana Prince, but he got a job in South America and couldn't afford to take her with him. However, unbeknownst to Dan, Diana got money from Wonder Woman, in exchange for her identity. This money allowed Diana to travel to South America, where she and Dan got married. At some point, Dan and Diana moved back to the States, where they had a baby.

At lunch one day, Dan ran into the other Diana Prince (whom he mistook for his wife). Enraged, thinking his wife was unfaithful, Dan got into a fistfight with Steve Trevor. When he got home, Dan was shocked to see his wife already there. Being down to their last dollar, she begged him to let her get a job. But, Dan refused. No wife of his was going to work. However, his wife blew him off and headed out in her old nurse's uniform.

When the other Diana appeared in his house, he once again mistook her for his wife and chained her to the cookstove. While he was out, trying to sell his disintegrator shell to the U.S. Military, a ransom note arrived at his house. Instructing him to surrender his blueprints for his disintegrator shell, if he wanted to see his wife again.

Wonder Woman informed him about his wife's kidnapping and he was prepared to give up his shell, if it saved Diana's life. However, Wonder Woman took Dan to see Steve Trevor, who she convinced to take a chance with Dan's invention. After his wife had been saved, she and Dan were happily reunited.



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