The racial supremacist known as the White Dragon derives his name from his former capacity as a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan.

Ducannon manifested powers after the Meta-Bomb event. His body turned into sentient flame. He then spent a great deal of time training and refining his powers. He was funded by ultra-right wing groups and hired the MetaTech Corporation (a company specializing in the industrial uses and designs of metahumans) to create the White Dragon persona. They developed the armor he wears and helped devise a public relations campaign so that the White Dragon would be initially perceived as a super-hero, thus making it easier to get a subtly worded racist message out to the people. He acted as a vigilante in Chicago, targeting only racial minorities. At first, Ducannon was careful to obey the law, only attacking criminals and refraining from killing. Eventually, he clashed with Shayera Thal. The hero took offense at Ducannon's racist and misogynistic ideology and exposed his identity. White Dragon proved a savvy manipulator of the media and used his conflict with Hawkwoman to paint himself as being persecuted for his unpopular political opinions.

When Katar Hol and Shayera Thal went underground to escape extradition to Thanagar, Ducannon took the opportunity to go on a rampage through Chicago, setting fire to low-income minority neighborhoods. Katar Hol and Shayera Thal managed to stop him with the assistance of Carter Hall (New Earth) and Shiera Hall.[1]

Joker Last Laugh

The The Joker, believing that he was suffering from inoperable cancer and wanting to leave his mark on the world, invaded the Slabside Penitentiary. There, he used a variant of the Joker Venom to turn the prisoners into "Jokerized" versions of their former selves. The prisoners were forced, by the effects of the venom, to obey his commands. White Dragon was among these prisoners.

Fourth Reich

After the death of the first White Dragon, Ducannon took his place as a member of the Fourth Reich. He appeared astride a fire-breathing dragon. He battled the Justice Society as a member of the team and participated in the attacks on the JSA headquarters. He was defeated by Lightning.



Battle armor: White Dragon's armor gives him superhuman strength,superhuman agility and manipulation of energy, specifically fire.



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