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Danny "Kid" Dixon was a prize fighter in the 1940s.

In 1940, young Danny Dixon worked in a blacksmith shop in the little hamlet of Darville, in Jackson County, Kentucky. From there, he was persuaded by B. Galsworthy "Bottle" Topps, fight manager, to become a professional boxer. They started small. His first fight was a one-punch knock-out of an "all challengers" carnival bully, "Marvo the Muscle Man", whose job Dixon then took over. He and Topps barnstormed around the countryside with that carnival for some weeks.[1] Dixon's second prize-fight was quite informal and probably illegal, and his opponent, Slugger Sweeny, briefly gave him some real trouble before going down. Kid Dixon and Bottle Topps were now joined by Jim Slick, a big promoter from New York.[2] Due to a chance meeting with Jack Dempsey, Kid Dixon's next fight was in Madison Square Garden, and against the current Champ. Dixon won.[3]

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  • Boxing Danny "Kid" Dixon was a world champion professional boxer.