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Danny the Street is an actual living sentient street. He moves between cities and infiltrates them, thus bringing happiness to citizens.


He is a sentient street who is able to place himself anywhere around the world. Danny lets the people tossed out by society have a place to rest. He entertains them with drag shows and various shops. Danny cross-dresses and enjoys expressing himself by putting pink, frilly awnings or curtains on gun stores and the like.

Doom Patrol

Danny was the targeted by the mysterious governmental organisation called the Men from N.O.W.H.E.R.E. for being to 'abnormal'. He was rescued by the Doom Patrol who decided to move into Danny not long after the attack and used him as their headquarters.[1][2] He was later kidnapped by Mr. Nobody and the Brotherhood of Dada. They simply wanted him to take them somewhere else and he happily complied. Danny thought the Brotherhood of Dada was perfectly fine.[3]

Danny would be greatly damaged when Dorothy Spinner of the Doom Patrol accidently unleashed the monstrous Candlemaker, but Danny endured the attack and was able to grow into Danny the World. Some members of the Doom Patrol like Crazy Jane and Rebis choose to continue living in Danny the World but the members Dorothy and Robotman opted to move out and live in the 'real world'.[4]

Danny was deconstructed by the Gentrifiers, and was left as only Danny the Brick. This brick is being protected by Crazy Jane. Danny the Street and Crazy Jane had recently rejoined Doom Patrol.


  • Unique Physiology: Danny is a sentient, living street. He was never a human and his name was given to him. His motivations are clear and he is the only street like him in the world.
    • Molecular Reconstruction: Danny has been reconstructed a few times. He started as a street, became a world and was reduced to a brick. While those may not have been voluntary, Danny can reconstitute himself in an innumerable amount of ways; creating shops or signs to communicate with or building entire structures and homes for his friends.
    • Teleportation: Danny the Street is capable of moving himself into almost any location all over the world.



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