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Dante was a half-demon enemy of Young Justice.

Dante was the son of a mob informant who was murdered for his betrayals from a bomb that killed him and Dante's mother at a young age. Regarded a burden into his teen years then as a young adult by immediate family, Dante set to become a student in theology and archaeology in college which took a twisted, archaic path into occult realms leading him to find a dimension of "hell" where he became the curator lord of demons of bat-like, ape-like features that feed off pain and misery. A young man raised under the excess of the 1970's, Dante had used magics to reshape the Inferno he was in to simulate a 1970's era disco nightclub where Dante and the demons of this realm abducted & tortured people they suspected of being evil.

Young Justice stumbled upon Dante's realm by effects of the super-cycle sending the youths to his Inferno in their attempts of escaping Fite and Maad plus the All-Purpose Enforcement Squad (A.P.E.S.) on stemmed indictments leading Impulse, Tim Drake, Cassandra Sandsmark, Arrowette, and Superboy to fight off Dante for his torturing and enslavement of people in his realm. The struggle prompted Dante's demon minions to graft themselves to the necks and bodies of the heroes who began to control the teens while feeding and stimulating on their hatred, persecution, and their more sinister impulses before some left the Inferno to menace townspeople.

Later interventions from Supergirl when she was Anglicized with divine powers had her reach into Dante's realm in an effort to battle and remedy the Young Justice team of their demonic influences from Inferno into the upper realms where the teens had created violent destruction among people and property. In the havoc Young Justice developed on the surface, Supergirl resumed to chase Dante into the icier realms of Hell to battle Dante's master Dis- a sentient demon-blob within a lava lamp- who used his greater magics to torment Supergirl by freezing her wings to break off. Dante tried to counter a battle with Supergirl until Dis was broken of his container prison and dissolved Dante into a devoured, dissolved pile of bones.

The deity Wally the God Boy made divine interventions to charm Robin and Arrowette to have the bat demons grafted to their bodies dissolve in the midst of Young Justice as villains initiate a jailbreak of criminals in a small town. Arrowette and Robin used blessed weapons to remove the demons from the bodies of Young Justice who returned the criminals to their cells before descending to the Inferno again where Supergirl set to escape a giant, flowing Dis. Supergirl and Young Justice teamed to rescue the captives of Dante's Inferno to rise to the surface world where Dis made itself known only to freeze and shatter death on contact with sunlight. Dante has since been rendered physically dead, but mystical intervention again could resurrect him.




  • Whip: Dante can use a whip that can overpower Superboy and Supergirl.



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