Dante was the son of a mob informant who was murdered for his betrayals from a bomb that killed him and Dante's mother at a young age. Regarded a burden into his teen years then as a young adult by immediate family, Dante vouched to become a student in theology and archaeology in college to take a twisted and archaic path into occult realms which lead him to a divisive dimension of "hell" where he became the curator and lord of demons of bat-like or ape-like features that feed off pain and misery. From duration's of the 1970's and forward, Dante used magics obtained from his Inferno to become a realm of retribution and punishment for the evil where Dante abducted and drugged presumed evil people to suffer in his "Disco Inferno."

Young Justice would stumble upon Dante's realm by effects of the super-cycle sending the youths to his Inferno in their attempts of escaping Donald Fite (New Earth) and Ishido Maad (New Earth) plus the All-Purpose Enforcement Squad or A.P.E.S. on stemmed indictments leading Impulse, Tim Drake, Cassandra Sandsmark, Arrowette, and Superboy to fight off Dante for his torturing and enslavement of people without trial in his realm. The struggle prompted Dante's bat-like demon minions to graft themselves to the necks and bodies of the heroes who began to control the teens while feeding and stimulating on their hatred, persecution feelings, and baser emotions while deluding their sense of logic.

Later interventions from Supergirl when she was Anglicized with divine powers would have her reach into Dante's realm in an effort to battle and remedy the Young Justice team of their demonic influences from Inferno into the upper realms where the teens had created violent destruction among people and property. In the havoc Young Justice developed on the surface, Supergirl resumed to chase Dante into the icier realms of Hell to battle Dante's master Dis. Matters would come to resolve after the latter fight with Supergirl and Dante, but as since, Dante has not been a seen threat for years.




  • Whip: Dante can use a whip that can overpower Superboy.



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