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Danton Black was an old enemy of Simon Stagg.

Danton Black was a former employee of Simon Stagg, who was researching stem cells to give his wife a new heart. However, Stagg stole the research and fired Danton. Danton's wife subsequently died, leaving Danton angry and alone.

Discovering his newfound cloning ability as a result of S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator explosion, Danton embarks on a personal vendetta to kill Stagg and get his revenge.

Eventually, Barry Allen intervenes, and stops Danton by focusing on the "prime" Danton Black rather than one of the clones. Danton commits suicide by jumping out a window.


  • Bio-Fission As a result of the Particle Accelerator explosion, Danton possesses the ability to clone himself. These clones are carbon copies and are commanded by Danton himself.



  • Power Limitation: Danton must use his physical strength to command his clones. As a result, the "prime", or real Danton is vulnerable to attack. Being attacked during this state causes Danton to lose control of his clones.

  • Multiplex was played by Michael Christopher Smith.
  • Danton is given the name Multiplex by Cisco Ramon. Cisco also suggests the name "Captain Clone".



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