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Daran Norris (b. November 1, 1964) voiced Batman for the animated short Joker's Playhouse and portrayed weatherman Johnny Frost on the series iZombie.

Pictured: Daran Norris as Johnny Frost from the iZombie episode "Pour Some Sugar, Zombie"

Work History

Acting Credits

The Batman 2004-2008 Brent
     "Meltdown" June 25, 2005 Brent
Joker's Playhouse 2010 Batman
iZombie 2015-2019 Johnny Frost
     "Pilot" March 17, 2015 Johnny Frost
     "Astroburger" May 26, 2015 Johnny Frost
     "Pour Some Sugar, Zombie" March 29, 2016 Johnny Frost
     "Spanking the Zombie" May 2, 2017 Johnny Frost
     "Eat a Knievel" May 23, 2017 Johnny Frost[1]
     "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 1" June 20, 2017 Johnny Frost
     "Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2" June 27, 2017 Johnny Frost
     "My Really Fair Lady" April 9, 2018 Johnny Frost
     "And He Shall Be a Good Man" May 28, 2018 Johnny Frost
     "Thug Death" May 2, 2019 Johnny Frost
     "Death Moves Pretty Fast" May 30, 2019 Johnny Frost
     "All's Well That Ends Well" August 1, 2019 Johnny Frost


  1. While Johnny does not appear on screen, Norris provides his voice during the episode.

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