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Dark Angel is an agent of the Monitors, tasked with identifying and destroying anomalies which might lead to the collapse of the Multiverse.

Dark Angel was tasked with investigating and testing Supergirl, who was alive again despite dying during the first Crisis and being erased from History.[1]

Unfortunately, Dark Angel became obsessed with proving Supergirl was a dangerous anomaly so her superiors allowed her to wipe her existence out, and put Supergirl through several tests engineered to break her physically, psychologically and spiritually.

In the beginning, Dark Angel hired the League of Assassins to kill Supergirl, but they failed. Later, when Supergirl threw a Fatherbox into the Sun, Dark Angel took advantage of the explosion to secure Supergirl in deep space. Posing as Zor-El, a Dark Angel's aide fed an amnesic Supergirl lies about her father sending her to Earth to kill her cousin, who was a source of Phantom Zone ghosts.[2] Then he created an illusion of a world overrun by ghosts possessing people and turning them against each other.

Dark Angel hoped for Supergirl making the choice to kill Superman.[3] When Supergirl refused to, Dark Angel decided to take matters into her own hands. Dark Angel transformed into a fake Supergirl and tackled the real Kara, declaring she was the real Supergirl and Kara an abomination and a screwed-up failure. Dark Angel beat up physically and tortured Supergirl psychologically, but even so, Kara wouldn't yield.

Dark Angel then revealed herself and attacked Supergirl, declaring she would make the Girl of Steel fail her test. Supergirl fought back and demanded an explanation. Fed up with his agent's behavior, a Monitor showed up, apologized to Supergirl and took Dark Angel away, assuring they'd not trouble her again.[4]


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