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"Dark Crisis: Big Bang": In the House of Heroes, Barry Allen tells Wallace West his plan: to find the Anti-Monitor. Barry explains that Pariah's plan to [[Dark Crisis|recreate the original multiverse]

Quote1 This is the Multiverse. We-- all of us--have a door to a place without limits. Where there are no rules... just flying. Where anything and everything can happen whenever we step through that door... and just imagine. Quote2
The Flash/Barry Allen (Earth 0)

Dark Crisis: Big Bang #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of February, 2023. It was published on December 13, 2022.

Synopsis for "Dark Crisis: Big Bang"

In the House of Heroes, Barry Allen tells Wallace West his plan: to find the Anti-Monitor. Barry explains that Pariah's plan to recreate the original multiverse worked and an infinite number of Earths have now been recreated, but the Anti-Monitor has gone missing, also telling him that he died trying to stop the monster's plans before. Barry wants to perform a recon mission to find the Anti-Monitor and asks Wallace to follow him. The two speedsters travel the multiverse, seeing worlds familiar and new, each of them unique in their own way.

However, on Earth 28, they find the Anti-Monitor capturing and trying to destroy the heroes of that world, who are calling for assistance. Despite Barry's warnings, Wallace is captured by the Anti-Monitor, forcing Barry to attack the Anti-Monitor with an Infinite Mass Punch, knocking the heroes through various universes and freeing Wallace. However, the Anti-Monitor is able to get his bearings and return the favor, blasting Barry to Earth 17. Before he can land the killing blow, Wallace returns with a small army of heroes. Despite their power, the Anti-Monitor is too strong still. Barry decides to rally the heroes, calling for Bat-Lantern, Doc Fate, Superdemon, and Shazam to find and open up a portal to the Antimatter Universe so the other heroes can shove the Anti-Monitor back in.

As they do that, Barry charges up one last Infinite Mass Punch, intending on joining the Anti-Monitor to save the multiverse again. At the last second, Bat-Lantern pulls Barry out, saving the hero and stopping the Anti-Monitor's rampage for now. The gathered heroes talk to each other before departing back to their worlds, with Barry and Wallace continuing their adventures.

The final pages showcase a "living document" of the worlds discovered by Barry, thanks in part to comics from Earth 33.

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