The Dark Destroyer is the ultimate enemy of the Atari Force.

The Dark Destroyer was first encountered by the Atari Force during their initial trip through the Multiverse to search for a new planet which Earth's residents can relocate to. He latched onto the Scanner One and attempted to destroy the ship when Martin Champion caused it to creative a powerful surge of energy on the ship's outer hull for the Dark Destroyer to release them from his grasp, although it also caused Scanner One to spin out of control, appearing in a solar system near a planet that was devastated by the Zylons. The crew find out that the Dark Destroyer created the Zylons to destroy the people on the planet, and so return to where they found him the first time to destroy him. Believing that he was gone for good, the Atari Force continued on with their journeys.

Dark Destroyer (Atari Force) 02

Dark Destroyer's True Form

However, the Dark Destroyer managed to regenerate himself, this time appearing in an asteroid next to the home world of a federation of alien races. to which the Atari Force journeyed to when they found a suitable new planet for Earth to relocate. He manipulated the minds of the aliens into attacking the Atari Force, causing them to fight against their own will, until Martin Champion destroyed the Dark Destroyer on the asteroid he was hiding himself in. The aliens that were under his control were now freed, and Earth was given permission to relocate to the new world.

Yet still the Dark Destroyer escaped death again, this time projecting himself through space as a life capsule prior to his previous form's destruction. Within a year or so later, he appeared over New Earth, where he sensed that his foe Martin Champion was in the hospital with his wife Lydia Perez, who was giving birth to their son Christopher. Instantly, the Dark Destroyer struck Lydia with an invisible energy beam, killing her. Unknown to Martin, he also entered his mind and learned the genetic coding of a human being, particularly Martin's. He then journeyed into space and entered into a pregnant creature on a backwater world, altering the form of its offspring and speeding up the delivery cycle, killing the creature in the process. He emerged as the infant form of Martin Champion, still fully aware of himself and his abilities. Within a year the Dark Destroyer grew to the adult form of his enemy and gathered up to himself an army of alien beings that he could manipulate and control, eventually to the point of building or at least acquiring a massive spaceship that was equipped with a Multiversal drive.

Years later, Martin Champion and his new Atari Force team encountered the Dark Destroyer in his new form when Martin stole Scanner One from a museum in order to find one of his space probes that turned up missing, that the Dark Destroyer had captured. Christopher was easily bested by him and was taken to Psyklops where he would be tortured. As Morphea went to deal with Psyklops and rescue Christopher, and Dart and Pakrat fought the Dark Destroyer's alien hordes until they found the probe, Martin went to face off against him alone until Dart threatened to destroy the ship. The Dark Destroyer released the Scanner One crew and then traveled to the anti-matter universe where they carefully mined out a key mineral power source for an anti-matter bomb he intends to destroy a universe with. However, he does have Blackjak, Dart's partner and lover whom he found floating in space presumed to be dead, sneak his way on board Scanner One controlled by an alien implant to do his bidding.

Through various forms of sabotage created by Blackjak, the Atari Force team was led again toward the Dark Destroyer, who this time was waiting on a planet ready to detonate an anti-matter bomb which he believed would destroy the universe Martin's people were living in. Much to Martin Champion's surprise, the Dark Destroyer unmasked himself to reveal his new form -- that of Martin Champion himself! He explained how he escaped death and how he took on this new form, and that with a ship equipped with a Multiversal drive he can destroy countless worlds. Realizing that the destruction of his own universe wouldn't be enough to satisfy the likes of his enemy, Martin engaged the Dark Destroyer in a fistfight, avenging himself for the suffering his enemy has caused as he felled him to the ground. Unfortunately, Dart wasn't able to stop the bomb from detonating as she accidentally tripped a fail-safe mechanism, so as the Atari Force team raced to Scanner One to escape the planet before the bomb exploded, the Dark Destroyer sent his lieutenant Kargg to go after them while he remained on the planet, dying in the explosion of the bomb he created.

Though the Atari Force team safely escaped the explosion, Kargg managed to sneak on board Scanner One and chased after Pakrat, who escaped by shuttle unto a planet where his brother Rident Oly had crash-landed on. After the three of them were brought back on board the ship, Morphea probed Kargg's mind and realized that the Dark Destroyer now lived on through the alien implant that was in the alien humanoid's brain. The Dark Destroyer attempted to destroy Morphea while she was in Kargg's mind, but she succeeded in fighting back, releasing Kargg from the alien implant's control and putting an end to the threat of the Dark Destroyer.


In his original monstrous multi-tentacled form, the Dark Destroyer was capable of generating physical manifestations of objects and living beings, and could enter into the minds of alien humanoid beings to control them into doing his will. However, he could not enter into the minds of human beings and control them.

In his human form as a copy of Martin Champion, he was still able to enter into the minds of alien humanoid beings to control them, though now they must have an organic implant that was actually a sample of himself grafted into their brains for him to have direct control.


In his human form as a copy of Martin Champion, the Dark Destroyer was capable of being injured and even killed as any other human.


In his human form as a copy of Martin Champion, the Dark Destroyer wore bulky protective armor.


In his human form as a copy of Martin Champion, the Dark Destroyer traveled in a massive starship that was equipped with a Multiversal drive.



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