This reality was a propaganda comic book entitled "Batman." In Gotham City, two comic book writers began writing a comic book series entitled Batman. The series was written to persuade the people of Gotham that the real vigilante was actually a public menace.

Lucifer led a revolt against God, resulting him being banished to Hell. Claiming to want to repair the influence his rebellion had on Earth, he begged to be allowed on Earth, but God only allowed him to possess a human. He made a deal with Simon Petrarch to possess his body, but Simon used his newfound abilities to become the vigilante known as Batman.[1] One night, he was ambushed by Catwoman, who removed Simon's soul from his body. Since this went against their agreement, God sent Lucifer back to Hell, giving Simon back his body. Unfortunately, this resulted in an explosion, with Simon dying from his wounds.[2]



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