Quote1.png Amazing. Show him a weapon that destroyed its creators and every other thing it saw, and he wants to play with it. What's to stop history from repeating itself right here on Earth? Quote2.png
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The Dark Heart was a self-replicating weapon system created by one side of an alien war 50,000 ago. The device was designed to consume and convert matter into a new body, then fly off, repeating this process. However, as discovered by The Atom, the device never got the orders to stop, and has been replicating long after the war.

Eventually one Dark Heart probe made its way to Earth, where it began feasting upon a mountain near the town of Goldhanger. Because of the threat it possessed, the entire expanded Justice League and the US Army was brought together. In order to prevent the Dark Heart from spreading, Martian Manhunter fired the Watchtower's laser around the epicenter. Despite this, the drones created by the Dark Heart filled the resulting crater, even digging underneath the hole itself. The device is stopped by The Atom, upon going inside and collapsing one of the Dark Heart's arteries. The remains were then confiscated by Wade Eiling, then sent to Cadmus.

Several months later, the drones were absorbed by Brainiac and Luthor in their hybrid form to better combat the Justice League.




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