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"The Gathering Storm": Master Olson watches through a telescope as a piece of kryptonite falls from the sky. He sends for a Robin in order to inform the Batman.

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King Jefferson

Dark Knights of Steel #3 is an issue of the series Dark Knights of Steel (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2022. It was published on January 4, 2022.

Synopsis for "The Gathering Storm"

Master Olson watches through a telescope as a piece of kryptonite falls from the sky. He sends for a Robin in order to inform the Batman.

The Court of El debate what to do about the fallen star. Bruce says he and Alfred will ride half a day to Lands of Magnus where the star fell. General Waller argues that it is not a good idea for Bruce to leave on a quest after an attack, but Bruce and Quinn are in favor of investigating the star because of the prophecy, which begins with the words “Come from the stars”. Kal-El does not believe in prophecy. Queen Lara decides to send Bruce to investigate but tells him to be quick.

In the Magnus Lands, the metal men ride to investigate the fallen star themselves, but they encounter Zala Jor-El, who kills them.

On Amazon Island Lois informs Queen Hippolyta and General Philippus that King Jefferson is on his way and that Prince Jacob has been murdered, Lois suspects as retaliation for the assassination of King Jor-El but notes that killing Jacob makes no sense.

Jefferson arrives on the shore of Amazon Island with Constantine, but because of Amazonian law, is not permitted to set foot on shore. Jefferson and Hypolyta agree to meet on Jefferson’s ship. Jefferson admits to having Jor-El killed and then reveals that Zala Jor-El was the one to murder Prince Jacob. Diana does not believe Zala to be a murderer, and Lois asks why Zala didn’t just destroy the castle. Jeferson tells Hippolyta that a war with the Els is inevitable and asks if she will stand with the Kingdom of Storms. Hippolyta agrees. Diana insists the coming war is not the Amazonian’s to fight, and, against Hippolyta’s order, she leaves Amazonia.

As Jefferson and Constantine sail back to the Kingdom of Storms, Jefferson reveals that causing Diana to leave Amazonia was part of his plan. As Diana is an ally to the House of El, Jefferson wanted her removed from the Amazonian court. Zala Jor-El attacks and fatally stabs Jefferson with a piece of the ship. A dying Jefferson tells Constantine that Anissa is now the queen.

Bruce and Alfred arrive at the site of the meteorite impact to find the slaughtered metal men. Bruce finds the shard of Kryptonite and it makes him weak. He starts to tell Alfred that Jor-El was his father but Alfred reveals that he already knows and that he has a truth to tell Bruce.

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  • Amazonia
  • Lands of El
    • Castle of El
    • Kingdom of Storms
  • Lands of Magnus



  • King Jefferson's Ship (Destroyed)

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