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Dark Nemesis was a super-villain team and mercenary unit.


Comprised of five individuals of possible Metahuman origins, they sold their talents to the highest bidder. Pylon and his mysterious organization known as The Veil hired Dark Nemesis to locate and capture the neophyte Teen Titans, led by former Justice League member, the Atom. Pylon offered the group two-million dollars to capture the Titans alive so he could gather vital biological data from them, but sweetened the deal by offering to triple their fee if they succeed in killing the Titans.[1]

Dark Nemesis lured the Titans into a trap by attacking the Mall of the Universe in Minneapolis, holding all of the patrons and staff hostage. News of the hostage situation quickly hit the airways and Dark Nemesis openly challenged the Titans to fight them. The Titans (without the benefit of their leader, the Atom) responded to the call and flew out to Minnesota to engage the villains.

Risk attacked the biggest member of the team, Vault, but Vault's force field not only protected him from attack, but repelled Risk away from him. Argent was very unsure of herself, which made her easy prey for the psychic, Axis, to manipulate her perceptions, thus forcing the Titan to lower her guard. The super-speed flier, Carom, engaged in combat against Prysm and found some way to disrupt Prysm's light refraction abilities. Scorcher fought against Joto and although both combatants shared similar powers, Scorcher proved to be Joto's superior and rendered him unconscious.

Once the Titans were incapacitated, Vault determined their individual weaknesses and contained them within cubes designed to negate their powers.

When the Atom learned that his former students were in trouble, he headed out to Minnesota to rescue them. He succeeded in infiltrating Vault's armor at micro-size, causing a short in the armor's internal circuitry. The electric feedback stunned Vault and the Atom was able to free the other Titans. The Titans then fought back against Dark Nemesis, ultimately defeating them.[2] The team members were arrested, but Scorcher escaped while the others were taken to Slabside Penitentiary.[3]

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